Must Have Accessories for Your Indoor Rabbit Cage

You’ve finally settled on the best housing for your bunnies (whether that’s outdoors or indoors) and learned how to set up your brand-new cage. Now what? 

Buying a shiny new cage for your rabbits is just the tip of the iceberg. In the same way that hoomans love to have a variety of furniture around the house to suit different needs, the same goes for bunnies!

Read on to discover what kind of fun toys and comfortable accessories can be introduced to your bunny’s living area to keep them happy and healthy.

Rabbit playing with Kavee burrow tunnel

Understanding Rabbit Needs

Rabbits require mental stimulation, plenty of physical exercise, and comfortable spots where to retreat for safety and quiet. Without all of these factors, they risk getting depressed and developing destructive tendencies.

Fortunately, the right accessories can go a long way to meet their uniquely bunnyish needs so that they can truly thrive - not just survive.

Rabbit Toys for Mental Stimulation

Chew Toys

As any bunny parent will tell you, If there’s something that bunnies love is to nibble on pretty much anything. Of course, this can come with a variety of risks, and it’s up to you to provide them with safe alternatives for this natural behavior, like chew toys.

Since a rabbit’s teeth can grow up to 4.7 inches (12cm) a year, chew toys are a must-have to both entertain them and keep their teeth in shape. They’re also the secret to reducing destructive behaviors like chewing on cage bars (as this can be a sign of boredom!).

Rabbit playing with chew toy

Puzzle Toys

Rabbits are naturally curious and food-motivated, so puzzle toys are a great way to sharpen their minds (and teeth!). While in the wild they would have plenty of opportunities to forage, pet rabbits need their hoomans’ help to recreate these opportunities.

You can get them some logic-focused rabbit toys or try a DIY alternative: take an empty toilet paper roll and stuff it with some shredded newspaper and tasty treats. Your buns will have endless fun investigating and snuffling, using all of their foraging instincts!

Exercise Equipment

Rabbits are natural-born athletes and so will need plenty of space for exercise. Regardless of how spacious your indoor rabbit cage may be, it’s better to give bunnies at least 4 to 5 hours of access to this area.

Of course, to turn this space into their personal gym, you’ll need the best rabbit cage accessories. For example, a ramp they can run up and down, or a tunnel they sprint through and burrow into. Perfect to help your bunnies burn all of that pent-up energy!

Rabbit playing with Kavee wooden ramp and castle

Comfort Accessories


As prey animals, bunnies will generally feel more comfortable with access to safe spaces they can retreat to. Regardless of how much they love you, sometimes they simple need some alone time (like us hoomans!).

The truth of the matter is that without some safe hideys that they can make a quick dash for in case of danger, your buns are likely to feel stressed, anxious, and afraid. So to make them feel more at ease, provide them with some enclosed spaces that they can escape to whenever they need a moment.


Whether it’s for a snooze or just to rest their binkied-out feet, a rabbit bed can be a great way to keep your buns comfortable. Even better if it’s slightly elevated like our bunny chaise longue, as it allows them to keep an eye on their surroundings (and any upcoming treats!).

As we mentioned before, rabbits love to retreat into enclosures that make them feel secure. And you can combine that sense of safety with comfortable bedding with a Loveseat.

Rabbit on Kavee chaise lounge

Fleece Liners

You’ll also want to think about a comfortable base for your bunnies’ cage - preferably something that is absorbent, cozy, and feels sumptuous to their feet! Fleece makes a great option as it’s eco-friendly, reusable, and even effortlessly stylish.

Matching a non-slip flooring option like coroplast with a made-to-fit fleece liner will prevent any nasty health conditions from developing like sore hocks. Just pop used bedding in the wash and replace it with a fresh one at least once a week for some hoppy buns!

Feeding, Drinking, and Toilet Accessories

It should go without saying that your rabbits are going to need some essentials to have all of their basic needs met. You’ll want to invest in the following accessories to ensure they stay hoppy and healthy:

  • A water bottle - Secure it at a comfortable height for your rabbits, refresh it daily with clean water, and clean it with hot, soapy water once a week.
  • A heavy ceramic food bowl - Save yourself from having to clean up after a flipped-over food bowl by choosing a non-slip, substantially weighty dish for your bunny’s meals.
  • A hay rack - Keep their hay fresh and their living area tidier by storing it in a designated pouch. Even better, a stylish-looking one that matches with other accessories!
  • Litter box - Rabbits generally prefer to conduct their business always in the same place, which makes them perfect to litter-train. If this sounds like a great deal to you (considering how often they poop!), then remember to bring a litter box home.

Besides acquiring all of the above accessories, keeping them clean is another part of great rabbit care. Remember that part of a good full cage-cleaning routine also involves removing all accessories from the cage and thoroughly cleaning them.

A little soiled food or a stealthy build-up of bacteria can quickly lead to poorly tummies, and may even result in some nastier health issues plus expensive vet bills. So see to it that these accessories are always kept topped up, fresh, and squeaky clean!

Rabbit eating pellets from a ceramic food bowl


In a nutshell, you’ll want to provide your bunnies with the appropriate rabbit cage accessories to empower them to live their best lives. Outside of the basics, it’s important to provide plenty of toys and enrichment for your rabbits!

As highlighted in this guide, there are some accessories that are unique to the needs and behaviors of rabbits as a species. So the benefits of a well-equipped rabbit cage are plain for all to see in the mental and physical well-being of your binkying buns.

Before you go, why not take a quick peek at our indoor rabbit cages - all perfectly designed to complement our range of ear-resistible accessories! Perfect for enhancing your sweet floofs’ hoppiness, comfort, and well-being fur-ever more.
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