Easy Rabbit Cage Maintenance with Kavee Cages

Nobunny likes completing their chores - that’s a fact. But just as you have to look after your home, your bunnies will need your help to keep their living quarters in tip top condition!

Here at Kavee, we know how maintaining a rabbit cage directly impacts your bunnies’ hoppiness, and so have designed indoor rabbit cages that are practical for bunny pawrents everywhere.

So we’ve made it our mission to keep rabbit cage maintenance quick, easy, and dare we say it… even the teensiest bit enjoyable! Read on to discover how Kavee rabbit cages could revolutionize the way you clean your rabbit cage.

Rabbit with Kavee dustpan and brush on a Kavee fleece liner for rabbits

The Importance of Regular Cage Maintenance

Good hygiene is essential for the health and wellbeing of your furry friends. So if they end up living in a dirty environment, your bunnies are likely to feel anxious, stressed, and unhappy. 

Bunnies prefer to go to the toilet always in the same spot and to keep this area separate from where they sleep. By providing a litter tray in a corner of their cage or free-roaming area, you’ll be able to keep all poop in one place!

Plus, a dirty cage could lead to worrying physical health issues. When left to live in dirt, rabbits risk developing snuffles, sore hocks, urine scalding, and dirty bottoms. This can even lead to a fatal illness like flystrike - a condition where flies lay their eggs in your rabbit’s fur and maggots bury into their skin.

We don’t want to scare you or send you into a cleaning frenzy - a little and often is just fine. But it is worth stressing the importance of regular cage cleans - never let cage cleaning slip down your to-do list.

Challenges in Rabbit Cage Maintenance

We hear you - traditionally, rabbit cage maintenance has been an absolute headache (and backache!). The most common types of pet shop cages and wooden hutches can be a nightmare to keep clean - even for the most houseproud among us. 

The Problem with Rabbit Wire Cages

Wire cages with slide-out trays can be the least practical. This is because pieces of hay are usually too large to fall through the gaps, and any pee that doesn’t make the litter box is likely to cause rusting. 

On top of this, wire floors cause discomfort for your buns’ poor feet, as they force them to distribute their weight in an unnatural way. So realistically, you should cover this kind of flooring with thick towels or mats anyway - defeating the ‘easy clean’ cage design!

The Problem with Rabbit Wooden Hutches

Wooden hutches are tricky to access through their small side doors, limiting how far you can clean. And often leaving certain hard-to-reach corners untouched!

On top of that, they can be virtually impossible to thoroughly disinfect as unsealed wood will simply soak up any chemical cleaners (something that could be dangerous for your buns!).

Rabbit in a wooden hutch

How Kavee Simplifies Cage Maintenance

As a team of small pet parents, we didn’t think it should be such hard work to keep our sweet floofs feeling fresh, so we set out to create a simpler solution. That’s when the Kavee cage as we know it was born!

From the materials we’ve chosen down to accessibility considerations, we’ve thought about all the little details when it comes to speedy clean-ups. Firstly, our cages have wide side doors and are really easy to get into. Even if you have a lid, you just need to lift it up to start deep cleaning!

Secondly, our coroplast base is waterproof, removable, and can be spritzed down with a pet-safe disinfectant and quickly wiped clean.

Plus, our reusable fleece liners are so much more hygienic and cost-effective in the long run than wood shavings. See for yourself how straightforward it is to clean a C&C cage with this tutorial from the lovely Sam!​​

The Kavee Rabbit Cage Advantage

Our range of Kavee indoor rabbit cages starts at 3x3 and goes up to a whopping 6x2 for maximum binkies! Regardless of what you choose, all of our cages provide your bunnies with a space larger than the minimum recommended requirements for rabbits.

Our glowing customer feedback says it all when it comes to easy rabbit cage cleaning:

“Fantastic home for our indoor pet bunnies! Bigger than I can find anywhere else and they love it! Really easy to clean and open to let them roam.”

“This is a kinder size than those cages offered in pet shops… and easier to keep clean and odour free!”

“It’s easy to put together, easy to clean and much better than the hutch they had before. They’ve got loads of space now. The washing bag we bought is great too, so handy for washing the liners and other bedding so it doesn’t end up getting the washing machine dirty.”

We’re so pleased that you can now spend less time donning the rubber gloves and more quality time with your lovely buns!

Rabbits inside a 4x2 Kavee C&C rabbit cage

Practical Tips for Maintaining a Rabbit Cage

Keep on top of your daily cleaning tasks, and your weekly clean will be a walk in the park - we promise! If you’re wondering what exactly needs to be done and when, then take a look at our recommended schedule for cleaning a rabbit cage:

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Remove any uneaten fresh food or spoiled pellets.
  • Refill the water bottle or bowl with fresh water.
  • Scoop out any soiled sections of the litter tray. 
  • Spot-clean the fleece liner of any stray poops or hay.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Deep Clean

  • Remove everything from the cage. 
  • Brush stray poops & hay from coroplast and fleece liner. 
  • Wipe down the cage with a pet-safe detergent.
  • Wash up food bowls & water bottles.
  • Wipe accessories clean.
  • Replace soiled fleece liner with a clean one (pop the old one in the wash).
  • Replace everything back in the cage (bunnies included!).

If you want more in-depth cleaning instructions, then we’ve gone into more detail in this article.

Woman cleaning up rabbit hay with Kavee dustpan and brush


To recap, maintaining your rabbit cage is so important for your bunnies’ overall health and well-being. As much as we’d love to wave our Kavee magic wand and say goodbye to cage cleaning forever, we’ve tried to provide you with the next best thing… a fuss-free rabbit home that makes for easy rabbit cage cleaning!

If you want to get more motivated, think of it as the ultimate act of TLC for your sweet floofs. The other thing you can do, of course, is to have a look at our wide range of Kavee rabbit cages and reusable fleece liners, which have been designed to satisfy both bunny welfare and hooman practicality alike. We can’t wait for you to see the benefits in action for yourself!
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