Choosing the right cage for your rabbit's health

“Caring about animal welfare is in my DNA… To me, it’s about recognizing how special these animals are and treating them right. We should never put guinea pigs - or any small animal - away in a little cage on a shelf and close the door on them.” Clementine, Kavee’s CEO and Founder

Here at Kavee, our mission from day one has been to improve the living standards of piggies and bunnies across the globe. When we couldn’t find anything suitable on the market for our sweet floofs, we took it upon ourselves to experiment with different designs and materials until we developed the C&C Kavee rabbit cages you see today.

Our commitment to your pet’s health and wellbeing has always taken center stage, and it will continue to do so fur-ever more! A rabbit cage’s importance is only high due to the impact it has on your rabbit’s health. 

From size considerations to the safety of materials and ventilation, read on to understand why choosing a rabbit cage is a vital part of rabbit care!

Rabbit with a 4x2 Kavee C&C rabbit cage

Space and Comfort

One of the most important health considerations for rabbits is ensuring that they have a big enough enclosure. Their small size might trick you into thinking that they won’t take up much space, but rabbits require plenty of room to display all of their natural behaviors.

What’s equally important, is to also provide your bunnies with accessories that encourage these behaviors, such as hopping, burrowing, chewing, and even hiding. This way, they can be their full bunny selves!

When rabbits lack space or enrichment in their lives, it can seriously impact their health and hoppiness. The right environment can help prevent health problems like muscle atrophy, obesity, and digestive issues.

Our Kavee rabbit cages have been designed to give your furry friends all they need to thrive, with cozy fleece liners and pet-safe accessories to keep them comfortable and entertained (plus super chic, too!).

Two rabbits on a Kavee fleece liner next to the Kavee protective rabbit barrier

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Rabbits are naturally very clean animals - they are easily litter trained and prefer to sleep and toilet in separate areas of their cage (completely understandable!). So a dirty cage won’t not only affect your standards of living, it will also upset your furry companion!

Moreover, unhygienic conditions could lead to health problems like snuffles, sore feet, and urine scalding. If your bunny’s bottom gets dirty, they're even at risk of a potentially deadly condition like flystrike. That’s why maintaining a good cleaning routine combined with regular grooming is so important.

Here at Kavee, ease of maintenance and hooman practicality have been a priority in the development of our C&C cages. We know how difficult traditional cages and wooden hutches can be to thoroughly clean, often leading to poor rabbit care.

Our C&C cages give you full access to every corner of the rabbit cage, a sturdy coroplast base that can be easily wiped down, and handy washable fleece liners that can be endlessly reused. All of this adds up to squeaky-clean bunny hygiene!

Woman cleaning up a rabbit's living area with the Kavee dustpan and brush

Safety and Security

A safe and secure rabbit cage should be made of durable and pet-safe materials that can withstand bunny behaviors like chewing, digging, hopping, and any great escape attempts! It should also mitigate the risk of any unsafe finishes or sharp edges that could cause injury to your poor floofs. 

Kavee C&C cages are designed using an interlocking grid structure that satisfyingly ‘snaps’ into place - no DIY, glue, or tape required! We also use pet-safe paint, provide handy nibble guards for extra measure and an optional lid for high-hoppers or to keep other household pets safely at bay (just make sure you still supervise them when they’re around your buns!).

Proper Ventilation

A well-ventilated cage that is dry and draught-free is important for your bunnies’ wellbeing. A hot and damp cage can quickly lead to unsanitary conditions and potentially impact your rabbit’s health with respiratory problems!

Even though your indoor cage may not be exposed to as many extreme temperatures as an outdoor cage, you should still be mindful of certain risks. For example, placing your rabbit cage near a radiator or next to a window with direct sunlight could lead to heatstroke.

Designed with ease of airflow in mind, Kavee cages will help your bunnies regulate their temperature throughout the year. Just be mindful of the location you choose and the C&C cage will take care of the rest!

Two rabbits in a 4x2 Kavee C&C rabbit cage


Now that you’ve read this guide, you should be fully armed with the knowledge of exactly what to look for when choosing a rabbit cage! Just don’t forget to pay careful attention to:

  • The space it offers - it should be large enough for your bunnies to move around easily and feel comfortable.
  • How easy it is to keep clean - a well-maintained cage is essential.
  • Safety and security features - it should be made of durable, pet-safe materials.
  • How well-ventilated it is - make sure it provides a good amount of airflow.
As small pet parents ourselves, our brand was born out of frustration at the lack of humane bunny housing options on the market. So piggy and bunny welfare is truly at the heart of everything we do. To put your rabbits’ health first, why not hop over and take a peek at our customizable range of indoor rabbit cages for yourself?
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