guinea pig diaries documentary film team partners with guinea pig cage company Kavee

To all die-hard guinea pig lovers: there is a new documentary that has everyone wheeking in delight! And Kavee is a proud partner!

Kavee is proud to officially announce its partnership with the award winning documentary Guinea Pig Diaries from directors and piggy parents Olympia Stone and Suzanne Mitchell.

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“A documentary film offering a fun-filled and poignant journey that is sure to put a smile on your face”

If you have ever had the pleasure of owning guinea pigs, you will know that the bond between humans and these small creatures is truly remarkable. Despite their petite size, they have the incredible ability to touch so many people’s lives in such a positive way. With commentary by Dr Anne McBride, one of the world’s most leading animal behaviorists, Guinea Pig Diaries takes a look into the extraordinary lives of these beloved pets.

Guinea pigs lined up for judging of best in show in Munich Germany guinea pig contest

“Guinea Pig Diaries is an unfiltered look into the lives of guinea pigs and the people who adore them, breed them, show them, and rescue them.”

Guinea Pig Diaries showcases stories of guinea pigs and the incredible people that care for them throughout Europe and North America: from rescue organizations such as the L.A Guinea Pig Rescue and the UK Guinea Pig Hotel run by Ian Cutmore, grand guinea pig shows in Germany, to influencers such as Canadian Youtuber SkinnyPigs1.

As so accurately put, Dr. Anne McBride instructs, “it’s simple, just lower your body down and begin to visualize life from a guinea pig’s perspective. You might be surprised at what you see”.

Saskia from LA guinea pig rescue

As a winner of the London Independent Film Festival 2021, Guinea Pig Diaries has truly captivated and delighted audiences of all ages.


The documentary is now available for streaming on the Guinea Pig Diaries website

Prepare to be delighted with this heartwarming documentary. It is truly magical!

guinea pig diaries documentary film awarded at film festivals

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Guinea pig fun

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