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We know there’s only one thing piggy parents want: to make their beloved floofs happy. Finding the right pet palace is the first (and most important) step towards treating your pigs like the cavy royalty they are - and lucky for you, we’ve got the ideal choice for you and your pets! C&C cages are super easy to customize and fit into your space, plus they offer lots of room for your precious pigs to blossom and unfold their adorable personalities. At Kavee, we know C&C cages are the future for our furry friends because they keep them happy and healthy. 

But now to the fun bit! There are lots of options for cage layouts and guinea pig cage decoration ideas with C&C cages. Your ceiling’s the limit when it comes to guinea pig C&C cage ideas. So lettuce have a look at the best C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs!

C&C Cage Ideas for Guinea Pigs

Who knew interior design for guinea pigs would be a thing?! When it comes to guinea pig C&C cage ideas, the choice is entirely yours. From guinea pig cage setup ideas to cage accessories and even adorable decorations, you can make your pigs’ home your own. Let’s get inspired!

Kavee double tier cage in living room with scandi abstract liners boxes and accessories

Experiment with different guinea pig cage setup ideas

The beauty of C&C cages lies in their flexibility. You can change and adapt the cage layout to your needs - and that includes adding on a little extra space for new piggy herd additions. Believe us, we know how easy it is to get another one… and another one… until you go from 2 pigs to 7. Luckily, your C&C cage keeps up with your herd’s needs.

When it comes to C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs, you can think of the grids almost like building blocks. It’s easy to add, remove, and move grid panels when your needs - or your home - changes, so the cage fits into any space.

Kavee black grid cage with storage underneath and lid

You can also make your cavies’ castle even bigger by adding more grids to it, and you can create compartments to store your pig-quipment with a stand. But the benefits don’t end there. If you choose to add a stand to your guinea pig C&C cage ideas, it’ll bring your pigs so much closer to you and also make cage cleaning day easy.

Kavee pink and white double tier cage

Want to give your floofs the chance to do some pig-sercise every day? A C&C playpen attaches neatly to your piggies’ home, so they can stretch their legs during playtime.

And if you have a bigger herd but little floor space, you can extend your guinea pig cage setup ideas vertically. With a double decker C&C cage, you’ve got two tiers of room to zoom for separate herds of floofs.

Pink and white grid kavee cage with storage underneath

Whichever guinea pig C&C cage ideas you like, there’s a perfect setup out there for you, your pigs, and the space they’re living in.

Beware of DIY guinea pig cage ideas 

If you search online, you’ll find plenty of colorful and fun DIY guinea pig cage ideas. Some of these are a great fit for someone’s home and become a focal point in a room. But, cavy carers, be careful! Not all DIY guinea pig cage ideas are actually taking your floofs’ wellbeing into consideration. If it’s not designed in your pets’ best interest, you should steer clear of homemade cage setups.

Some of the key elements of a great guinea pig cage setup ideas are

  • the room to zoom, with a minimum of a 4x2 C&C cage for two female guinea pigs
  • good ventilation to safeguard your guinea pigs’ sensitive respiratory system
  • a steady room temperature with the cage being free from drafts or too much direct sunlight

So if you spot DIY guinea pig cage ideas made from old tables or plastic boxes, remember that those don’t tick any of these boxes. Another downfall of homemade cages is crafty DIYers trying to save space by coming up with multi-level guinea pig cage ideas for small spaces. The problem with these DIY guinea pig cage ideas are steep ramps that can easily lead to dangerous and even life-threatening falls for our poor piggies.

Although many guinea pig cage setup ideas look great at first glance, make sure they actually give your furry friends what they need. If in doubt, trust small animal experts, like Kavee’s team, to show you the right setup.

illustrated kavee c and c cage

Safely customize your guinea pig cage

Safety first! This saying is true for many situations in life, and also for DIY guinea pig cage ideas. If you’re not sure certain guinea pig cage setup ideas keep your pigs safe (no matter how cute they look!), it’s best to give them a miss. Instead, choose from lots of guinea pig cage decoration ideas that’ll bring your floofs as much joy as they bring you.

If you’re looking to spice up your piggies’ decor, have a look at fleece liners in beautiful prints. From cute to stylish and minimalist, there’s an endless choice of lovely-looking bedding that also keeps your pigs’ feet feeling fabulous (instead of soggy or dirty).

Tri coloured guinea pig in a kavee daisy cuddle cup on daisy fleece liner

You can mix and match the cute fleece liner prints with fleece accessories that create the ultimate snooze spots for your comfort-loving cavies. And adventurous piggies will love the addition of a wooden castle and other wooden accessories to their home.

When it comes to guinea pig cage decoration ideas, your piggies’ palace is really no different to your home. Why not choose a mood or aesthetic for their cage? Imagine stunning guinea pig cage ideas with a minimalist dark decor, a cage full of natural-looking colors and wooden accessories, or true deluxe guinea pig cage setup ideas centered around the Luscious Leopard collection. Which one is right for your pigs?

L shape kavee cage in haloween theme

And for that little extra when it comes to guinea pig cage decoration ideas, you can add cavy-savvy garlands and other decor to your piggies’ home. Just make sure every part of your guinea pig cage decoration ideas is safe for your cute companions.

Let’s get a better look at desirable decorations you can safely place in or around your piggies’ palace.

And if you'd love to find out more about safe guinea pig supplies, have a look at our blog!

Kavee cage garlands made by kavee

10 Guinea Pig Cage Decoration Ideas

Guinea pig cage setup ideas are, first and foremost, meant to provide a fur-tastic living space to your beloved pets. But that doesn’t mean us hoomans can’t have a little fun with it, too. We can put the cute in cage decor with these guinea pig cage decoration ideas!

Remember, piggy safety comes first, even if the decorations could turn their home into a centerpiece.

1. Garlands or bunting

A popular choice for cage décor include homemade cage garlands or bunting, especially if you are quite crafty. Simply choose a ribbon of your liking and either sew or glue gun evenly spaced fabric triangles (or other shapes, like a piggy outline!) to create a fun piece. 

Fabric scraps or quilt squares are excellent materials to use, and you’re creating adorable decorations while making the most of unwanted fabric. A win-win situation! This crafty idea can be turned into a creative afternoon for young and old, though the piggies have to sit this one out. No pigs near any sewing machines or glue guns - but you can console them with a few tasty treats.

When your gorgeous garlands and beautiful bunting are done, you can put them up above your piggies’ palace. Make sure your sweet floofs can’t get to them, even when they’re standing on their hindlegs like little meerkats. Glue isn’t part of a safe piggy diet.

Et voila, your cavy castle has just become so much more fun with these crafts!

2. Ornaments

A personal favorit:, guinea pig ornaments. You can decorate your guinea pig's cage with adorable, shiny, and stylish ornaments! C&C cage meshing allows you to easily clip or tie lightweight ornaments onto the bars in a matter of seconds. What style are you going for?

Guinea pig-shaped ornaments are the obvious choice for your piggy palace, but why not make ornaments that look like the things they love the most? Yes, most piggies’ favorite thing in the world are peaflakes and yes, they’d look a little funny as cage decorations, but how about a bell pepper? Carrots? Their favorite hidey? You can decide what these look like - you could even add a little bling to their no. 1 snacks!

The real treat when it comes to ornaments is that you can change them up for different seasons or holidays. Did we hear Halloween decorations? Fall-themed ornaments? Nicely wrapped parcels for a Christmas cage?

You’ve got the choice of buying or making ornaments for your guinea pig cage decoration ideas. If you attach a nice ribbon or a secure hook to a small object, it’ll neatly fit onto the C&C cage grids. And store-bought ornaments, especially Christmas ones, are made to clip onto various surfaces, so they’ll be easy to use on your cage.

As with any guinea pig cage decoration ideas, it’s important to double-check that your furry masters of mischief can’t nibble on something that’s harmful to them. There also shouldn’t be any sharp edges or needles within their reach. If the ornaments are cavy-savvy, then you’re on a great track to a beautifully decorated cage!

3. Soft Toys

Stuffed animals are a delight to guinea pigs because they play with them, just like we do. Many pigs appreciate their comfort and will curl up next to them for a nap - the cutest thing ever!  Soft toys can go directly in or above the cage on a grid. You can also fix them to the bars of the C&C grids with paper clips.

When you first pop the toys in, it’s a good idea to supervise your floofs carefully. Some piggies are known for chewing everything, and a soft toy definitely isn’t on their list of safe veggies. If you’re sure the toy’s safe (or safely attached out of your pigs’ reach), then you and your furry friends will have so much fun with it!

4. Piggy-safe Plants

Small plants are a great addition to a C&C cage. They mimic a natural space - adding serenity and green to the cage and your home. If your sweet floofs can eat them, they become a really nice treat at the same time. The most popular choices are parsley and basil, though be aware that the piggies graze them down really quickly. If you place the plants out of your piggies’ reach, for example on a wooden castle, the plants can grow back their leaves before they become a piggy snack again. And if you want to add a little bit of style to this setup, why not use a C&C cage grid or two to create a plant shelf on top of the piggy palace?

Of course, most plants aren’t suitable for piggy consumption, and many would make your floofs sick. Check carefully what you put into their cage, from the plant itself, to soil, and even the pot. If in doubt, cavy-savvy herbs are always a hit!

Skinny pig eating from a kavee vitamin c tray

5. Hair Clips

Hair clips are a fantastic way to add a dash of stylishness to C&C cages.  They come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be easily fixed to the grids' bars to create something truly unique. 

As always, remember to keep them out of reach of your guinea pigs. Even if your floofs have an amazing hairdo, they won’t want to wear a restrictive hair clip.

6. Ribbons

Ribbons are a simple yet wonderful way to prettify your C&C cage. Select your favorite colors and patterns, and simply loop them through the cage bars. It’s best to decorate the top and the very bottom of your C&C cage, where the coroplast base covers the mesh, with ribbons, so your piggies can’t get tangled in them. They also shouldn’t be able to nibble on the ribbons.

If done safely, ribbons are at the top of the list of our favorite guinea pig cage decoration ideas. They’re just so pretty!

7. Clip-on Lamps

Anything with a clip is an easy choice for your C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs. And a little clip-on lamp is no exception. If you love a cozy ambience and you tend to turn down the lights in the evening, then a clip-on lamp can shine a spotlight on your furry friends. Fairy lights or clamp lamps are the easiest way to add some magic to your piggy palace.

A word of warning: any electricals with cables should be kept well out of your piggies’ reach - both in the interest of the lamp and your pets’ wellbeing. If your heart is set on some pretty fairy lights, it’s a good idea to hang them over your piggies’ cage. For clamp lamps, it’s important to keep the wires well and truly away from your floofs. And if you notice the lamp giving off a lot of heat, your pigs may thank you for putting it a little further away from their home.

Whether a little extra light is a great idea for your cage really depends on your setup. There’s no doubt it’ll be an eye-catcher, but only if it’s safe for the pigs.

a piece of red ribbon to decorate your kavee cage

8. Postcards & Photos 

The C&C cage offers so many lovely ways to add a bit of personality to your setup. And how lovely would it be to take a little trip down memory lane every time you feed your floofs? You can hang postcards and photos up on your piggies’ cage with safe clips. And you could even add your favorite snaps of you and your furry friends!

Before you put up any childhood photos, though, remember that your pets may nibble on the photos and postcards. It’s best to place them out of their reach, and also make a digital copy of the photo before it’s lost to your piggies’ chompers forever.

9. Fancy Sticky Notes or Stickers

Everyone loves stickers, right? And they come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors - and sometimes even in piggy form! Adorable sticky notes and stickers are one of the most fun and bright guinea pig cage decoration ideas, and it’s entirely up to you where you want to place them. How about popping stickers on the outside of your cage’s coroplast base? Or putting them up on the wall above the cage? You could even use them on storage boxes for your pig-quipment.

Enjoy decorating your piggy palace!

10.  Magnets

C&C cage grids are made from steel with powder coating, so they’re a great spot for a few magnets. If you love collecting magnets on your holidays, why not pop them on your piggies’ cage?

You may be tired of hearing it (we understand!), but it’s super important to keep the magnets out of your piggies’ reach. If they took a nibble out of them, they may be stuck to the cage bars next. And that would ruin your whole cage aesthetic.

However you choose to make your piggy palace even prettier, we hope you loved these guinea pig cage decoration ideas. And if you snap a nice photo of your cage, come share it with the Kavee Kommunity on Instagram and Facebook!

Frequently Asked Kavees About Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

What are good guinea pig cage ideas for small spaces? 

There are lots of great guinea pig cage ideas for small spaces, but before we get into them, we’d recommend checking that you have enough space to give your piggies the room to zoom. Although their legs are little, these furry potatoes are active and need a fair bit of space.

If you’ve got enough room for a good-sized C&C cage, you can build a stand and levels to make the most of the area. Building upwards is a great option for smaller spaces, so make sure to look into cage stands and two-tier C&C cages.

What are the best C&C cage ideas for guinea pigs? 

C&C cages are a fantastic choice for guinea pigs because they offer plenty of room to the pigs while making everyday care so much easier for their piggy parents.

Your C&C cage can take on any shape or form you’d like, with plenty of great guinea pig C&C cage ideas in this blog. Beware of DIY guinea pig cage ideas, though. They’re not always safe for your precious pets.

Is it a good idea to decorate a guinea pig cage?

Absolutely, we have a whole list of great guinea pig cage decoration ideas, from bunting and lights to ribbons and clips. Always remember to check if the decorations are out of your piggies’ reach and can’t cause any harm.

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