Kavee releases sustainable wooden castle toys for guinea pigs

Our wooden collection for guinea pigs has been designed in-house by our team of small animal experts, each item offers exclusive designs that will have both you and your guinea pigs wheeking in delight!

Kavee releases sustainable wooden castle toys for guinea pigs

What is the theme of Kavee’s new wooden range?

As piggy parents ourselves, we believe that every guinea pig should be treated like royalty! With our new wooden guinea pig accessories, you can enhance your C&C cage to be an incredible piggy palace. From our new castle themed hayrack to our luxurious wooden guinea pig castle, we have plenty of items for your guinea pigs to feel like the Kings and Queens they are. guinea pig wearing gold crown in front of enchanted castle medieval

Guinea pig products made from sustainable wood

Good products are stylish but great products are good for the environment too! At Kavee, we recognize the importance of sourcing materials from sustainable sources. That’s why we’ve chosen to make all of our wooden guinea pig hideouts and accessories from sustainably sourced wood. This means that our wooden items have been sourced from forests that adhere to strict guidelines to preserve ecological diversity. 

kavee's new wooden range of castle products for guinea pigs is sourced from sustainable forests 

Wooden castle hideout for guinea pigs

Our impressive new wooden guinea pig castle is a luxurious hideout for any furry king or queen. Complete with two medieval gates, our wooden castle allows your guinea pigs to feel comfortable when walking in, out or through our large fort! But, these are no ordinary gates but stylishly cut into the shape of everyone’s favorite small pet, guinea pigs! Paired with a cute window in the castle’s tunnel cut in the shape of a carrot.

Wooden Castle Tip #1: We know how much fun it is to change up your guinea pig’s setup from time to time. If you have one of our c and c cages, we know how important it is for piggy parents to adopt their cages to suit their guinea pig herd. Our wooden guinea pig fort is easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can flatpack it when needed. If you have a C&C cage with a stand, why not store it in one of our convenient storage boxes?

two guinea pigs playing in wooden castle themed fort in C&C cage with transparent panels

No castle is truly complete without its very own bridge! For extra fun, we’ve designed our castle so that it has a ramp with a gentle incline. Comfortable for even the most timid of piggies. Why not try adding some tasty hay to the castle towers for an extra special treat for your guinea pigs? Our wooden bridge is removable so that you can use it when needed.

To tie our castle theme all together, we’ve paired our guinea pig castle with our very own Kavee coat of arms. The ultimate sign of guinea pig royalty!

Wooden Castle Tip #2: An important part of guinea pig care is to ensure your piggies have a stimulating environment to prevent boredom or destructive behavior. That’s why floor time is strongly encouraged for all guinea pigs so that they can have fun exploring a different setting: also helpful during cage cleans! Why not try including our wooden castle hideout for your guinea pig’s to enjoy during their floor time.

guinea pig climbing ramp of wooden castle themed fort sustainable wood in C&C cage

Wooden castle hay rack for guinea pigs

Hay is an important part of every guinea pig’s diet. In fact, it makes up 80% of their entire daily intake. To keep your guinea pigs hay nice and fresh, it’s helpful to place their hay in a hay bag or rack to prevent hungry piggies from toileting on it. Treat your piggies to a hay banquet by placing their fresh feeding hay into our new wooden castle hay rack. A hay feast fit for royalty!

Wooden Hay Rack Tip #1: at the back of our wooden hayrack, we’ve also included some holes so that you can 

Our guinea pig castle hayrack features 3 adorable guinea pig themed cutouts so that your piggies can easily access their hay. Battlements are cut out into the tops of our hay rack for a cool medieval look as well as the imprint of our Kavee coat of arms on the back of the structure. 

guinea pig eating from castle themed hay rack with guinea pig shaped cutouts from sustainable wood

Wooden miniature castle bed for guinea pigs

After a big banquet of hay in our castle hay rack, your guinea pig will probably want to return to their chambers for a royal slumber. But not just any place will do for our little Kavee royal! Your guinea pig can rest in plush comfort by cozying up in our miniature wooden castle bed

Wooden castle bed Tip #1: For an even cozier setup, you can also pair our mini castle bed with one of our fleece pee pads and pillows for your guinea pigs to snuggle with. 

Our guinea pig castle bed features a guinea pig cut out in the headboard and castle battlements carefully cut into your piggies footboard. 

guinea pig sleeping on miniature wooden castle bed with blue fleece pee pads and fleece pillow in c and c cage

Wooden castle ramp for guinea pigs

Our lovely wooden castle ramp is an excellent choice to customize your guinea pigs C&C cage! Easily create extra levels with our new ramp to give your guinea pigs the extra royal treatment. Our wooden ramp allows you to securely hook to any c and c cage grid to create a gentle incline even for the most timid of piggies. Featuring battlements and our Kavee coat of arms!

guinea pig walking down wooden castle ramp in black C&C cage with soft blue fleece liner bedding

Wooden castle tunnel for guinea pigs

Providing your guinea pigs with a hiding space is essential for their well-being. It makes them more comfortable after all! Our castle themed tunnel will be an instant favorite for all of your guinea pigs! Includes three cute guinea pigs cut-outs on each side. Our wooden guinea pig tunnel also features medieval battlements and our royal Kavee coat of arms for an extra special medieval twist.

Like all the wooden accessories in our castle range, it is made of wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

guinea pig eating vegetables in wooden castle themed tunnel on daisy fleece liner

Freestanding water bottle for guinea pigs with wooden stand

If your setup does not have c and c grids to hook up your guinea pig’s water bottle, don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Our free standing water bottle with wooden stand is ideal in this case or if you just want to match with the rest of our wooden products. No hooks required! 

guinea pig walking over to drink from freestanding water bottle with wooden stand on veggie fleece liner

Wooden houses for guinea pigs FAKs - Frequently Asked Kavees

Are guinea pigs allergic to wood?

Guinea pigs are sensitive little souls. While they aren’t strictly allergic to wood, there are some woods that are toxic to guinea pigs, so you should always do your research as a responsible piggy parent. Some safe woods for your piggy include lumber, willow, vines, and fruitwoods, amongst others. 

Can guinea pigs be around treated wood?

No, do not keep your guinea pigs near treated wood. A quick glance at the ingredients list in most wood finishes will reveal a whole host of nasty chemicals that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your sweet piggy. 

Why do guinea pigs chew on wood?

You may notice your guinea pig chewing on their wooden guinea pig hutch. This is usually fairly normal behavior - they may enjoy the texture or simply be alleviating boredom. However, if it seems excessive, then bear in mind that it can also be an indication of an underlying health issue. When the problem persists, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local cavy-savvy vet.

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