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As our furry friends grow in popularity as pets, they also pop up in more places than just our homes - like the big screen! Movies with guinea pigs aren’t exactly a new invention - just look at the 1999 animated movie with guinea pigs, Stuart Little, or its predecessor, Dr. Dolittle - but there’s a clear rise in guinea pigs starring in films.

And the little floofs have no shortage of useful skills for Hollywood. If you’re looking for a movie with guinea pigs as spies, you’re sure to find one. Want to be swept into an exciting piggy adventure? There are movies with guinea pigs for that, too. And what about a funny film for the whole family? The celebrity pig actors have got you covered. There’s even a Disney movie with guinea pigs - a clear Kavee Krew favorite!

If you’re after cute movies with guinea pigs in them, so you can curl up with your piggies for a cuddle, check out our top cavy films below! And if you’re getting snacks for yourself, remember to bring a little bowl of bell pepper for your floofs.

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1. G-Force - The Disney Movie with Guinea Pigs

G-Force is an action-packed Disney movie with guinea pigs for the whole family. In this super fun film, the cute cavies take on the special role of FBI agents who are on a mission to save the world. The super skilled trio of piggies, Darwin, Blaster, and Juarez, face a tech-savvy evil mastermind called Leonard Saber who plans to take over the world with control chips inside his gadgets and household items. An exciting setup for a movie with guinea pigs as spies, right?!

Luckily, the three floofs manage to intercept Saber’s scheme, but when they return to their office after the mission, things aren’t looking so rosy. Their unit is about to be shut down! And the three piggy spies are in for more adventures - will you join them?

Although G-Force is a movie with guinea pigs as spies, you’ll also meet plenty of their rodent relatives, like Speckles the mole. And not to forget about Mooch the fly and Harry the cockroach, who help out  our favorite furry friends when smaller spy skills are needed.

Discover a side to your (fictional) floofs you’ve never seen before in this Disney movie with guinea pigs!

G-Force came out in 2009 and kicked off a wave of guinea pig fandom with young and old alike. The movie with guinea pigs as spies added an adventurous, heroic side to the cute cavies the world hadn’t seen before. And while we can’t confirm if our pet piggies go on secret missions at night, we absolutely think that they’re little superheroes!

The Disney movie with guinea pigs has a PG rating, so it’s a fantastic film for the whole family. Some viewers suggest that the action and some humorous remarks can be a bit much for very young viewers, and recommend watching it with anyone over the age of 6. G-Force is 88 minutes long, perfect for a cozy evening with a cavy cuddle session in front of the TV.

But beware! Any viewers, big or small, may become pig-sessed afterwards!


G-FORCE is a Disney movie with guinea pigs as spies in it.

2. TALES OF THE RIVERBANK - A Marvelous Animated Movie with Guinea Pigs

The next film in our movies with guinea pigs line-up is the terrific Tales of the Riverbank, an animated movie with guinea pigs from the year 2008. The film was released shortly before G-Force, so the piggy fever was high in the runup to 2010. This movie is based on the 1972 television series of the same name (though it’s sometimes called Hammy Hamster or Once Upon a Hamster in other countries). Unlike the early TV show, Tales of the Riverbank is putting animal welfare first. They’ve traded the live pet actors for adorable animated puppets, so they can confidently claim that no animals were harmed in the making of this movie.

Tales of Riverbank follows Hammy Hamster, Roderick Rat, and GP the Guinea Pig on an adventure of epic proportions. The friendly trio is swept down the river in a scary storm, only to lose any sense of the direction their habitats are in. In their quest to return home, the trio discovers an even bigger threat to the riverbank - a Waffle, Marmalade, and Donut factory run by an evil gang of cats. Can Hammy, Roderick, and GP stop the threat to their homely habitat?

Fans of the film suggest it’s great for a family night in front of the TV (especially if you’re including your precious pets!) with a length of 76 minutes. As far as adorable movies with guinea pigs in them for the younger generation goes, this one’s a classic with an exciting plot. Never thought you’d see guinea pigs in a hot air balloon? Now’s the time to change that!

Enjoy the epic story of rodent friends in Tales of the Riverbank!

Watch Tales of the Riverbank

Tales of  the Riverbank is another one of the action-packed movies with guinea pigs in them that we love.

3. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS - Our newest Animated Movie with Guinea Pigs

What do our precious pets get up to when the hoomans are out of the house? While you may assume that your floofy friends are napping and snacking when you’re out and about, The Secret Life of Pets has a different idea. In this hilarious animated movie with guinea pigs from 2016, you’ll meet the playful pup Max and his animal housemates, tabby cat Chloe, sausage dog Buddy, pug Mel, and parakeet Sweet Pea. And the real star of the film - in our opinion, at least - is Max’s neighbor, the loveable guinea pig Norman. Floofy Norman is a reckless goofball who adds a whole lot of fun to the plot, like when he mixes up his and Max’s home and trods off to find his way back. A firm favorite with fans of the film!

When Max gets caught up with a gang of abandoned pets who dislike humans and are plotting revenge under the rabbit Snowball’s lead, he’s in desperate need of saving. Luckily, Norman and his pet friends are coming to the rescue of their furry friend in an adventure unlike any you’ve ever seen!

The Secret Life of Pets is our top choice of movies with guinea pigs and other pets in them. This tale of friendship got a PG rating, with some parents saying it’s suitable for children over the age of 7, and others cautioning it’s best left to children (and adults!) over the age of 10 because of some rude humor and intense action. It’s 86 minutes long, ideal for a family movie night or a rainy afternoon at home.

If this animated movie with guinea pigs sounds like your cup of tea, there’s even more reason to get excited than you thought. In 2019, the sequel, The Secret Life of Pets 2, came out and - such excitement! - our favorite floof Norman is back. How does a double feature film night sound?!

Watch The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is a animated movie with guinea pigs and lots of other pets in it.

4. STUART LITTLE - The Classic Animated Movie with Guinea Pigs

If you’re one of the few people who’ve never seen Stuart Little, we’ll have to suggest you sit down straight away and start watching! This adorable animated movie with guinea pigs from 1999 follows the small mouse Stuart Little who gets adopted by the Little family in a funny turn of events. Stuart’s new human brother George and their cat Snowbell aren’t pleased by the new addition to their home, and on top of that, our furry hero is struggling to settle into life inside a house. When Stuart is tricked and left in the city without a way home to the Littles, he enlists the help of his animal friends, including a gorgeous guinea pig.

This film got a PG rating, with film lovers suggesting it as a suitable option for children over 7. If you’re more of a reader than a movie enthusiast, you’ll be excited to hear that this story is based on a novel by the American writer E.B. White. And even if you prefer the book, you and your piggies are sure to have a blast with this 84-minute long animated movie with guinea pigs!

Watch Stuart Little

The famous mouse, Stuart Little, has a guinea pig friend, so this is also an animated movie with guinea pigs.

5. WONDER PETS - A Guinea Pig TV Series

Okay, Wonder Pets doesn’t exactly belong on a list of movies with guinea pigs in them because it’s a TV show. But it’s so good, we had to add it anyway! In this educational animated series, three classroom pets embark on a mission to help other animals in need. The cute trio consists of the turtle Tuck, the duckling Ming-Ming, and the gorgeous guinea pig Linny, who get calls about animals in need. They then put on their hero outfits and travel across the globe to save whichever cute critter needs them. True Wonder Pets!

What could make this setup even better? Music. Each episode features original songs with a live orchestra, making it a fun sing-along for young and old.

With some of our movies with guinea pigs being a great choice for older children, Wonder Pets is sure to delight your little ones. The lovely songs, adorable animations, and comfortable pace is particularly great for 2 to 4-year-olds, though the educational content also appeals to older kids. Each episode is around 22 minutes long, so it’s a great watch for the whole family!

Watch Wonder Pets

Super Pig alert in Wonder Pets - not an animated movie with guinea pigs but rather a TV show.

Guinea Pig TV Shows To Watch Out For

While our furry friends star on the big screen in a Disney movie with guinea pigs and even a movie with guinea pigs as spies, we can also spot cute cavies on the small screens in our homes. And they’re by no means limited to children’s TV shows.

After the one-woman show Fleabag became a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it soon became a BBC show by the same name from 2016 to 2019. Both seasons of the show follow the main character, Fleabag, as she navigates life as the owner of a guinea pig-themed cafe. The adorable floof Hilary lives in said cafe, and is later joined by a hamster called Stephanie. The show received several Emmys and Golden Globe Awards for its 12 episodes. It’s worth noting that the show contains various adult themes, so it’s best to watch it without the kids (though your piggies probably won’t mind).

Fleabag won't count as one of the movies with guinea pigs in them, but rather a TV show. It contains adult themes.

A brand-new adaptation of Olga da Polga, the fictional guinea pig inspired by Michael Bond’s childhood pet, has also arrived on our small screens. Olga is an adorable and adventurous piggy who walks children and adults through her adventures with her human Karen. If you’ve loved reading about Olga da Polga’s inventive tales, you’re sure to adore this adaptation with a real-life guinea pig!

Whichever movies with guinea pigs you choose for your next movie night, remember to snuggle up with your furry friends and bring human and piggy-friendly snacks to the party!

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