Kavee Launches Transparent C&C Panels

The wait is finally over! Transparent C&C panels are finally here.

Since the introduction of C&C cages, Kavee has received an influx of requests for transparent panels. With more pet owners wanting the best for their pets, Kavee has  developed an exciting new product that allows guinea pigs to see the world around them. 

Clear panels are a perfect addition to upgrade your current c and c cage to change the way your guinea pigs experience their environment. 

Read on to find out why transparent panels are the must have product for 2022, changing the lives of guinea pigs everywhere!

Kavee Launches Transparent C&C Panels for guinea pigs

Why choose C&C Cages?

C&C Cages are the popular choice for guinea pigs for many reasons. A C and C cage is the perfect home for your guinea pigs by providing the ideal living situation for your guinea pig.

With pet stores recommending cages that are too small for guinea pigs, a C and C cage is a must have to give your guinea pigs the space to roam and to live a happy life. 

One of the main advantages to C&C Cages is their ability to be quickly constructed with an easy setup. A C and C Cage is made up of coroplast, grids and cubes which are quickly clipped together to create a full cage. C & C Cages can be easily customized allowing you to create a personal touch and to express your individual style.

For more information about C and C Cages check out our blogs 10 things you should know before buying a C&C Cage and Which C&C Cage is right for my guinea pigs.

transparent 6x2 c and c cage with stand for guinea pigs

What are the benefits of C&C cages?

C and C Cages have many benefits that range from space and convenience to separating fighting guinea pigs. With C and C Cages allowing more freedom and space for your guinea pigs, they also allow a way to change from traditional guinea pig bedding. Fleece liners are widely used for guinea pig bedding. Fleece liners have a wide range of benefits including creating a cleaner cage and providing an alternative for guinea pigs with allergies. To read more about fleece liners check out our blog The ultimate guide for using fleece liners for guinea pigs.

C and C Cages are perfect for quarantining and Bonding guinea pigs. If you have sick or fighting guinea pigs dividers can be used to separate your guinea pigs safely, whilst still allowing them to smell and see each other. To find out more read our blogs; Top 5 cages to quarantine your guinea pigs and All you need to know about guinea pigs fights.

double stacked c and c cage for guinea pigs with clear transparent panel grids

What are Transparent Panels for C&C cages?

Transparent panels are an upgraded version of our popular grids for our C&C Cages. Made from clear perspex, the panels act as a window for your guinea pigs to see the outside world. 

Kavee has created a transparent cage for first time buyers which is a hybrid of the original C&C Cage with added clear acrylic panels for the front. 

If you currently own a Kavee C&C Cage, there is the option to purchase 4x and 8x clear panels to upgrade your current cage. 

Transparent 4x2 C&C cage with clear panels for guinea pigs

Benefits of transparent panels for C&C cages

Transparent panels take C&C Cages to the next level with additional benefits for both guinea pigs and their owners. Transparent panels remove the ugly image of cage bars your guinea pigs are so used to seeing every single day. With daily floortime essential to a guinea pig's health and wellbeing your guinea pig will feel like it is floortime all the time! 

Unlike original C & C grids, transparent panels have no gaps, meaning they are perfect for newborn and young guinea pigs! No longer will you be worried about your piggies escaping through the bars. Additionally the Transparent Panels will prevent your guinea pigs from chewing the bars.

With transparent panels having no gaps this benefits the overall cleanliness of your cage by stopping hay from falling through the bars! 


Transparent grids take C and C cages to the next level! By upgrading your current cage or purchasing a C & C Cage for the first time, Kavee is leading the way to change guinea pigs' lives for the better.

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