How to assemble a Kavee rabbit cage

As a responsible pet parent, you’ve researched the best indoor rabbit cages and have come to understand the many benefits of a C&C cage. You’ve placed your online order, tracked your parcel (ahem… obsessively), and the day has finally arrived - it’s time to set up your lovely new Kavee cage!

Whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or a complete beginner in flat-pack, our C&C cages have been designed with fast and easy construction in mind for a fuss-free set-up. Follow our guide below to get your Kavee rabbit cage ready in no time!

Rabbits inside a 6x2 C&C Kavee cage


To start, get everything unboxed and check that all of the parts you need are present. You should also have received an instruction manual via email when you placed your order, so make sure to pull this up.

If you’re not sure of the quantities you’re expecting, just have a look at your order summary as that will contain the correct number of parts for the cage size ordered. You should have the following pieces:

  • Modular grids
  • Grid doors
  • Connectors (we suggest keeping these in a small baggie to avoid losing them)
  • Cable ties
  • Nibble guards
  • A sheet for the Correx base

The good news is that you don’t need any additional materials in order to get started with assembly - no glue, tape, scissors, or other DIY tools!

Step-by-Step Assembly Guide

To help you follow these instructions, we’ve created a video tutorial to walk you through every stage of the cage-building process for your bunnies - so play it alongside the below steps!

Step 1: Build the cage perimeter

  • Grab your grids - the number of panels you get will correspond to the cage size you’ve chosen, i.e. a 4x2 cage will be 4 grids long and 2 grids wide, or a 3x3 cage will be 3 grids long and 3 grids wide, etc.
  • Assemble the grids and clip them together with the connectors (they make a satisfying ‘snap’ sound when they lock securely into place, so listen out for this!)
  • Keep a space for the door grids to be added later.
  • Next, clip the connectors on the top, keeping the flat surface vertical and facing outwards.
  • When you get to the door grid section, make sure that the connector where the door will open has its flat surface vertical but facing off to the side.
  • Build up the second layer with the remaining grids.
  • If you’ve opted for a cage without a lid, then place the final connectors on the top so that the flat surface is facing upwards.

Woman showing how to assemble a Kavee C&C cage for rabbits

Step 2: Assemble the door grid  

  • Snap the first panel of the door grid into the connectors so that it hinges outwards.
  • Repeat the process for the second door grid.
  • Cable ties have been provided if you’d like to secure the grids together into one solid door (our preference is to allow for different combinations, so whatever works best for you and your buns!).
  • You can easily secure the door by gently locking the doors into the connectors.
How to add a door to Kavee C&C rabbit cage

Step 3: Add the lid (optional)

You’ll want to consider a lid for your C&C cage if you have a particularly hoppy bunny that is able to jump an impressive 70cm or higher, or if you have other animals or children in the house. 

Note: you can skip this stage if you haven’t ordered a cage with a lid.

  • Turn the connectors at the backside's top of the cage to a vertical position instead of having the flat surface facing upwards.
  • Snap the door grids along the back of the cage.
  • Assemble the fixed part of the lid (recommended for extra security, especially if you have other pets!) by connecting the lid grids on the left side together.
  • Place the next connectors (facing downwards) on the attached lid grids.
  • Add the last door grids on the top.
How to add a lid to Kavee C&C rabbit cage

Step 4: Assemble the coroplast base

  • Find your coroplast sheet and fold along the pre-scored edges - don’t worry if it’s a little stiff at first!
  • Snap the base together by inserting the flaps into the slots, going from the outside to the inside.
  • Place the assembled coroplast base into the bottom of your C&C cage.
  • Give yourself a big pat on the back for completing your cage build!
How to add a coroplast base to Kavee C&C rabbit cage

Safety Checks

Once you’ve finished assembling your C&C cage, we’re sure you can't wait to let your buns into their fancy new digs - pronto! But hold fire, because there are some important checks to carry out before introducing your rabbits to their new home:

  • Are all the grids locked securely into their connectors? Check for any loose connections.
  • Are there any sharp edges? Ensure cable ties are neatly clipped and that there is nothing in the new environment that could injure your bunnies.
  • Are all lids and doors secure if you can’t supervise your buns? We don’t want your rabbits getting out or others getting in.

We can’t stress the importance of these safety checks enough - the last thing we want is for your floofs to venture into a non-bunny-proofed room or poorly paws from unseen sharp edges. So make these basic checks a priority!

After Assembly 

Once you’ve assembled your cage and checked for safety, give your coroplast base a quick spritz with some pet-safe detergent, wipe it, and then pop down your clean and cozy fleece liner. Now, it’s time to have fun with the cage set-up and accessories!

Your bunnies will want a regularly refreshed food bowl and water bottle, plus a hay rack near their litter tray (chewing while pooping is a favorite activity of your floofs!). 

You should also think about a sleeping area, and some hideys to find shelter when they feel nervous. Plus, plenty of rabbit-safe toys for mental stimulation and enrichment!

When introducing your rabbits to their new home, make sure that the cage is in its permanent location and that you remain calm and quiet. Remember that they may take some time to adjust to their new surroundings - rabbits are nervous creatures by nature, but with a little TLC and patience, we’re confident they’ll grow to love their new home in no time!

Rabbits inside a 4x2 C&C Kavee cage


Now that you’ve read through the steps for yourself, we hope you’ll agree that the Kavee cage set-up for your bunnies really couldn’t be any simpler! Once you’ve received your order, all you’ll need to do is:

  • Prepare your materials
  • Assemble your cage and coroplast base
  • Perform a thorough safety check
  • Accessorize your cage
  • Introduce your buns to their new home!

If you do encounter any hiccups along the way or have another question about our C&C cages, then remember that our friendly Customer Service Team are always on hand to help. Just reach out to us and we’ll be ready to assist with your cage assembly questions!

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