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Love my c&c cage and by far the best fleece liners I've tried. Fast delivery, great comunication.


The cage and liners are perfect for my piggies. The liner is soooo soft. Piggies are super comfortable.


My experience has been nothing short of perfect! So... my girls are so popping happy with their Kavee 🤗


Absolutely gorgeous liners! Thick, luxurious, very absorbant, they was so well on a 20° cycle and dry on the line in a few hours!

What is a C&C Cage?

C&C stands for Cubes & Coroplast. The cubes are powder-coated steel grids while the coroplast is non-toxic corrugated plastic!

C&C cages were invented in 1980 and have become a favourite of small pet experts.

They can easily be customised to suit your preferences.

Why choose a Kavee C&C Cage?

Spacious & Safe. We go above the recommended sizes and only use non-toxic materials!

Innovative Design. From the thin meshing small grid holes to the coroplast with round corners. We make things safer for all piggies!

Simple to Build. We keep our set-ups simple so every pawrent can build their piggy’s dream home!

How to build my Kavee Cage?

1. Pick the size & type of cage based on the number of piggies and your home space.

2. Get creative by choosing the colours of your coroplast base & grids.

3. Add in your favourite fleece liner to keep your piggies comfy.

If you want to learn more about cages and how to care for piggies, take a look at our blog.

Time to Build!

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