A closer look at our bestselling indoor rabbit cage

If you’ve read our guide to choosing an indoor rabbit cage and come to the conclusion that a C&C cage is the best way to go (a wise decision, may we add!), then perhaps you’ve been left wondering which Kavee indoor rabbit cage you should now plump for...

Well, fear not, because help is at hand! In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth review of our 4x2 bestselling rabbit cage - a bunderful all-rounder that will have your rabbits binkying with delight.

As a team of bunny owners and small pet experts ourselves, we know what we’re talking about from experience. So our Kavee rabbit cages have been innovatively designed with the unique needs of your furry family member in mind. Read on to discover everything you need to know about our rabbit cage features!

Rabbit with a Kavee 4x2 C&C rabbit cage

Kavee’s Best-Selling Rabbit Cage: An Overview

Our 4x2 C&C rabbit cage is named like this because it has 4 modular grids in length and 2 grids in width. It also has two grids in height - a slight contrast to our cages for piggies - as these are needed to prevent little escape artists from hopping out!

Your choice of rabbit cage will depend on factors like:

  • Space available;
  • Number of buns;
  • Size/breed of your rabbits.

And our 4x2 cage is a set-up that works well in most homes for two small-medium-sized buns, equalling happy floofs and hoomans alike.

Two rabbits next to each other on a pink background

Key 4x2 C&C Rabbit Cage Features


This cage model measures 55.1 L x 27.6 W x 27.6 H in inches (or 1.40 L x 0.70 W x 0.70 H in meters), which is 10.56 square feet for your rabbits to make themselves at home. 

Here at Kavee, we pride ourselves in providing far more living space than the traditional cramped hutches you regularly see in pet shops. A 4x2 C&C cage will give your rabbits plenty of room to display all the behaviors unique to their species.


Kavee rabbit cages are made from sturdy, interlocking metal grids that snap into place to keep your rabbit safe and secure (no scissors, glue, tape, or other DIY tools required!). 

You’ll also receive a pre-scored sheet of strong, non-slip Coroplast which slots together and fits snugly in the base of your 4x2 cage. This is perfect for your rabbit’s delicate little paws and prevents the development of nasty health issues like sore hocks.

All of our materials have been chosen for their strength, durability, and non-toxicity, so you can rest assured that your sweet floofs are in safe surroundings, 100% of the time.


Our 4x2 cage has been designed with bunny welfare and hooman practicality at the forefront. Secure latches mean that your buns are safely contained while the handy side door lets them hop in and out freely for playtime and cuddles

This means no more awkward handling through a tiny opening at the top of their cage, and hoppier bunnies who get to spend plenty of time stretching out their legs. And who can retreat to a safe space whenever they like!

Do you have any other pets roaming around the house, or is your bun a budding escape artist? Then you can opt for a lid for your cage, to keep your buns securely inside when needed and other pets away from them (but still supervise them whenever they’re near your buns!). 

Rabbits relaxing with a Kavee 4x2 C&C rabbit cage

Setup and Maintenance

Setting up your cage

When you receive your 4x2 C&C cage, it will arrive in a few different packages that need assembling, so you’ll want to pull up the electronic instructions we sent through when you placed your order. 

The good news is that the set-up process is quick and easy (even for those of us whose first reaction is to give flat-pack a wide berth!). We have a handy follow-along video tutorial to guide you through the process:

Cage maintenance requirements

A rabbit’s cage needs spot cleaning daily, with a more thorough deep clean once every 1-2 weeks. Trust us, we know this can feel like a chore! So that’s why we’ve made our cages to facilitate super-speedy cage clean-ups

If you have the optional lid on, you can simply lift it up and instantly get full access to the whole space - including all those traditionally hard-to-reach corners. The coroplast base can also easily be wiped down or completely removed for a deeper clean. Phew!

Customer Reviews and Feedback

But don’t just take our word for it, our 4x2 bunny cage owners have praised the ease of set-up: 

“Love our new rabbit cage and the Youtube instruction video was brilliant, so much nicer and easier to follow than reading a leaflet.”

They also love the durability of this product:

“My rabbits love it! A bit expensive but does seem to keep really well with all the rabbit-insistent digging.”

While our cages don’t come cheap, we guarantee that they will save you money in the long run. It’s much better to give your buns a furever cage now than to keep replacing their home every year or so!

And if you have a persistent nibbler in your hands, you can rest assured that the safe coating material and provided nibble guards should add extra longevity to your cage. But do make sure to provide your bunny with plenty of enrichment opportunities to reduce any destructive tendencies.

Kavee range of rabbit accessories


What types of rabbits are suitable for this cage?

Our sweet floofs come in an a-bun-dance of different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to take this into consideration when buying your new rabbit cage. 

Our 4x2 model is going to provide the perfect habitat for popular small-medium-sized breeds like the Dutch, Dwarf Lop, Jersey Wooly, or Lionhead. However, bear in mind that if you are looking to adopt a giant breed like the Flemish or Continental bun, then you’ll want to go for something a bit roomier. 

Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, our baby C&C grids are also safe to use with baby rabbits older than 8 weeks. It may feel like they’re rattling around like a pea in a pod at first, but they’ll soon grow into their new home!

Who is this cage suited for?

Our 4x2 cage is best suited for two small or medium-sized bunnies and for bunny parents looking for something that’s easy to set up, secure, durable, and easy to maintain. It’s also an excellent choice for those with limited space as it can easily be pushed up against any small wall (just make sure it’s away from radiators and direct sunlight).

Rabbit in a Kavee 4x2 C&C indoor rabbit cage


It’s no surprise that our best-selling 4x2 Kavee indoor rabbit cage is so well-loved by hoomans and their bunnies. From the ease of initial set-up to the hoppiness you can see it brings your sweet floofs, this will be a permanent (and beautiful) fixture in your home for many years to come.

We hope this indoor rabbit cage review helped answer any questions you might have, and when you’re ready, hop over to our 4x2 cage model and have a peek for yourself. To make it a little easier on your wallet, we’ve teamed up with Afterpay so that you can spread the cost over 4 interest-free payments, if you like. 

And don’t forget to prettify your bun’s cage (and make it comfier) with some adorable mix-and-match accessories, too!
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