Tips on socializing rabbits and why cage design matters

When you’ve got two inseparable little floofs that just love to share a snack, carefully groom each other, and snuggle up at the end of a long day, it’s a truly heartwarming sight to behold!

Rabbits are sociable creatures that do best in the company of other furry pals. They also need plenty of TLC from their favorite hooman companion - you! But whether you’re holding your bunny for the first time or introducing them to a new friend, socializing your rabbit is not an activity to be rushed.

In this article, we’re going to explore the importance of socialization for rabbits as well as the difference a well-designed cage can make during this process (hint: it’s SO much easier!).

Rabbit in a Kavee C&C 4x2 rabbit cage

Understanding Rabbit Social Behavior

In their natural habitat, rabbits live in large groups or colonies, digging intricate burrows (also known as ‘warrens’) where social hierarchies are established and responsibilities are shared. Amazingly, an extended family can easily consist of up to 20-30 buns! 

As rabbits are small prey animals, there is safety in numbers. This kind of social behavior crucially acts as a survival mechanism, meaning that they can better protect themselves from predators. One rabbit thumping can alert the rest of the group to danger very quickly.

Living as one big hoppy family, bunnies form strong emotional bonds with their companions. Rabbits in the wild will groom each other, huddle up for warmth, and binky together. So it makes perfect sense that your pet rabbits get to enjoy the same!

Rabbits in the wild cuddled up together

Tips for Socializing Your Rabbit

Sometimes, it’s love at first sniff. Other times, it’s not a match. And most of the time… well, it’s just going to take a while for rabbits to click with one another! Socializing bunnies is a vital part of rabbit care, but it isn’t always an instant process

Here are some tips to set your rabbits’ budding friendship up for success:  

Gradual Introductions

When introducing two potential bunny pals, our main piece of advice is to take it SLOW. Start in a neutral territory to minimize any bickering, and allow them to first interact through a gate, separate playpens, or some handy C&C grids. This way they can check each other’s scent before sharing the same space (which can be a bit full-on!).

Keep a watchful eye during interactions and intervene if it looks like trouble is brewing. You should be prepared to repeat this process until you feel confident that a pecking order has been established and can relax in each other’s company.

Two rabbits sniffing each other

Respecting Their Space

Bunnies are social butterflies but can also be nervous, flighty, and skittish in new situations. Meeting a new rabbit can definitely be stressful so be mindful of their need to retreat to a secure hidey. Keep initial encounters short and sweet until they feel more secure!

Once they are sharing a space, you should also provide enough toys, food, and hideys for both rabbits. When there is plenty to go around, there’s less of a need for any territorial urges or aggressive displays of behavior.

Rabbit hiding inside a Kavee rabbit hidey

Regular Interaction

Don’t forget to also schedule regular daily bonding time for you and your floofs! Bunnies love the companionship of other bunnies, but they also enjoy spending time with their favorite hooman.

Always approach carefully and respectfully, with no sudden noises or movements. Offer them treats and gentle pets, while speaking to them in a soft voice. Whether you’re grooming them or feeding them a tasty snack, it will all help you develop a bunderful bond!

Girl holding her pet rabbit sitting next to her mom

The Role of the Right Cage

It’s easy to overlook the importance of cage design in rabbit socialization, but it plays a bigger part than you think! Kavee C&C cages are endlessly customizable, making them the perfect setting for introducing bunnies. A few of the many benefits include:

Space for Companions

Our indoor rabbit cages offer an a-bun-dance of space for rabbits - much more than the minimum recommended guidelines. This is because space is really important for a rabbit’s welfare - both their physical and mental health. 

It also makes sharing a space with another floof more comfortable and enjoyable! There will be room for two of everything, plus they won’t get angsty feeling as though they are on top of one another.

Room for Play

Happy rabbits are ones that get to hop and binky with their friends! Although bunnies are relatively small in stature, they’re passionate athletes and so require plenty of room to engage in all of their unique rabbit behaviors.

Rabbit in a Kavee pop-up tunnel for rabbits

Ease of Daily Interaction

Having a cage that is easily accessible is incredibly important to encourage daily interaction with your floofs. Regardless of how in love you are with your bunnies, without an easily accessible cage, you’re unlikely to spend as much time as you should with them.

With a Kavee cage, you can easily pick up your rabbits, open a side door, and let them roam freely in a bunny-proofed room. This way, they can hop in and out for some treasured time with their hoomans - fuss-free!

Common Socialization Challenges and Solutions

As we’ve briefly touched on, it’s not always a completely smooth road to friendship when socializing rabbits. So what are the main problems to look out for? And more importantly, how do you work to overcome them?


Rabbits are territorial animals and so can quickly turn aggressive and hostile if they feel that their space is being threatened. While it’s normal for them to establish a pecking order, you’ll want to watch out that the meeting doesn’t devolve into biting, scratching or even lunging at each other

Once that happens, it’s sadly going to be very difficult to recover any hope of friendship. You can reduce the risk of your buns butting heads by choosing a neutral territory for your first introductions.

Make sure you supervise them closely and separate the rabbits if they don’t appear to be getting on very well. Spaying and neutering will also help to lessen these aggressive tendencies!

Angry rabbit

Fear & Stress

Rabbits are sensitive animals that don’t like sudden changes to their routines or environment, so introducing a new friend can cause them a lot of initial stress.

Persistent stress over time can lead to all sorts of health issues and even a shortened lifespan, so it’s important to help them feel as safe and secure in this new situation as possible

We recommend you provide them with plenty of hiding spots and safe spaces for each rabbit to make a dash to if they need it. You can also offer lots of tasty treats to distract them and help coax them out of their shell!

Failure to Bond

While patience and time can go a long way, there are times when even with careful preparation, some rabbits simply never click.  If you’ve tried everything but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, then don’t feel like you need to force a connection. 

You can then either home them separately and give each a new friend, or turn to a rescue to rehome one of them and get a new mate for the other. Just remember that however it plays out, you should always find a buddy for your floof!

Solitary rabbit indoors


Socialization is vital for the well-being of your rabbits, including their emotional health, sense of security, and mental stimulation. However, pairing two buns up can be trickier than you think, but hugely rewarding when you see them binkying and snoozing together!

The right rabbit cage design will help promote healthy socialization by providing plenty of space for bunnies to comfortably hide, eat, poop, and sleep together… without stepping on each other’s paws!

For C&C cages built with a clear understanding of rabbit behavior and their social needs, have a browse of our indoor rabbit cages and accessories - the perfect digs for bonded bunnies!
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