Designing the perfect environment for rabbit cages

What does the perfect rabbit cage look like? We’re so glad you asked!

Here at Kavee, we’re a teensy bit obsessed with designing rabbit cage interiors - always with the health and hoppiness of bunnies at the forefront of our mind (plus vibing with our own home styling, of course!).

So if you’ve just bought your C&C cage (good choice, by the way!) and you’re wondering what your rabbit cage setup should look like, then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this guide, we’ll run through all the must-have accessories so that you understand the key elements of an enriching rabbit cage environment - one that’ll have your bunnies binkying with delight at their new digs!

Rabbits in a Kavee C&C 6x2 cage

Understanding a Rabbit's Basic Needs

If you want to provide the best possible environment for your rabbits, then firstly, it’s important to understand a little bit about natural rabbit behavior. This ensures that they are healthy, comfortable, and living as stress-free a life as possible.

Space Requirements

Despite their small stature, rabbits actually need a surprising amount of room. They’re active little athletes that cover a lot of ground in the wild, so they need plenty of space to hop, sprint and binky to their heart’s content.

You’ll want to ensure that the cage you choose lets your buns hop comfortably at least three times, stand up on their hind legs, and stretch out fully in any direction. Our C&C cages are a great option that go above and beyond the minimum space requirements.

Spacious free-roaming rabbit living area with Kavee productsPlaces to Hide

As small prey animals, rabbits are naturally nervous little floofs! Although there’s really nothing to be worried about in the comfort of their pampered palace, the instinct to run for cover is hardwired in our furry friends.

So no matter how much of a bond of trust you develop, they’re always going to be sensitive to sudden movements and loud noises. Sometimes, they simply feel the need to hide away for a while.

It’s therefore important for their well-being that you give them lots of opportunities to retreat to safety with a few easily-accessible hideys.

Rabbit hiding in a Kavee fleece hidey


Bunnies are intelligent, curious and adventurous animals that would naturally spend hours every day foraging for food. This keeps their tummies full and their minds sharp!

Remember to provide your bunnies with toys to keep them entertained and minimize any destructive tendencies. Some bunny-safe chew toys are a great idea as they also help grind down their ever-growing teeth, too!

Rabbit playing with carrot chew toy for rabbits

Arranging the Cage Interior

A rabbit cage doesn’t have rooms like a hooman home, but you’ll still want to consider how best to set up their space for free-roaming. It can be helpful to think about the different activities your rabbits will typically perform so as to organize this space appropriately.

A spacious C&C cage is going to give you lots of room to play around with. Whilst there is no right or wrong way to set up your rabbit’s cage, you may want to keep a few points in mind to ensure your rabbits are as hoppy with their new digs as can be.

Sleeping Arrangements

Your rabbit’s bedroom should be snuggly and quiet for maximum shut-eye. It’s also best to dot a few hideys around their cage so that they can always have a moment to themselves if they need to.

Two rabbits on a Kavee fleece liner with Kavee barrier


Fortunately, rabbits are fairly easily litter trained and like to keep their home as clean and hygienic as possible! Add a litter tray to their cage and spot clean it regularly to avoid any nasty smells.

Feeding Station

Set up your bunny’s dining room with a full hay bag or rack, a heavy ceramic dish with some fresh leafy greens, and a small amount of pellets. Read more about a balanced diet for rabbits in our blog on rabbit nutrition!

You should also provide unlimited fresh, clean drinking water, either in a bottle or a sturdy bowl that won’t be easily flipped over.

Play Area

Keep your bunnies entertained with a dedicated play area! Add some chew toys and maybe even a logic puzzle or two (you can make your own budget-friendly DIY versions too, if you like!).

Kavee pop-up tunnel for rabbits

Choosing and Positioning Accessories

Once you've settled on which areas to set up within your bunny's cage, it's time to decide what should go where! As a starting point, set up your bunny’s sleeping and bathroom areas at separate ends of their cage. Since rabbits are naturally very clean animals, they don’t like to poop where they rest (quite understandable!).

Although bunnies do have at least one guilty pleasure - and that’s to chew and poo! Rabbits love to have a nibble while they go to the toilet, so they will also appreciate it if you place their hay rack within munching distance of their litter tray.

While for maximum sleeping comfort, dot a few hiding spots around their cage to let them nap whenever and wherever they likeA corner curtain is a particularly ingenious way to create a cozy and restful bunny bedroom.

Rabbit resting on a Kavee loveseat

Importance of Cleanliness

Remember that once your beautiful bunny area is set up just the way you envisioned it, it’s also important to keep it cleanGood hygiene doesn't just keep your home looking and smelling more pleasant, it’s also essential for the health and hoppiness of your bunnies.

A poorly maintained cage can lead to all sorts of nasty rabbit illnesses like urinary tract infections, as well as sadness, stress and general discomfort. So make sure you stick to a daily and weekly cleaning schedule.

Spot-clean any spills and messes daily with a top-up of fresh food and water, and thoroughly clean their cage every 1-2 weeks. Our easy-access interior, wipeable coroplast base and endlessly reusable fleece liners mean that you never have to dread this task ever again!

Woman cleaning a Kavee cage

The Role of Cage Design

The best way to pick the right cage for your rabbits is by carrying out your research and understanding your bunny’s basic needsRabbits require a secure and enriching environment that gives them plenty of space to hop about with their furry friends.

It’s also helpful to opt for a design that allows them to easily go in and out of their cage, whether into a larger playpen or a bunny-proofed room for hours of daily free-roam exercise!

A lid could also make your bunny's home easier to access and add extra protection for your floofs. Especially if you have other pets around the house (which you should always supervise when they're near your buns!). This is an easy addition when you opt for our C&C rabbit cages.

Two rabbits in a 4x2 Kavee C&C cage for rabbits


We hope that this post has given you plenty of practical tips and style inspiration when it comes to providing the perfect rabbit cage setup for your beloved buns! Remember that overall cage design, choice of accessories, and where these are placed all contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of your furry friends.

Here at Kavee, our team of small pet experts are passionate about raising the living standards of bunnies across the globe, so our C&C cages and accessories have all been lovingly designed to help you create the ideal environment for your rabbits. Why not take a peek and consider treating your bunnies to their dream home?!

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