4 reasons to add a stand to your C&C guinea pig cage

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to bring home a delightful little piggy (or two!), you might have some questions about where they’ll live. What’s the best set-up for my cute cavies? Which C&C cage design should I go for? Is a stand necessary for my piggy palace?

Let’s face it - you can’t really go wrong with a C&C cage! As they are modular, the possibilities are endlessly customizable to the individual needs of your space.

However, there are so many flufftastic benefits to adding a cage stand to your piggy’s home, that we’d absolutely advise you to go ahead if you’re on the fence about whether or not to purchase one. Not only will a cage stand keep your nervous floof feeling more relaxed, but it also makes their cage more accessible for regular interaction, cuddles, and all-important cage cleans. You can even keep your piggy supplies in the handy storage space it frees up. Win-win!

Oh, and the cherry on the cake? The adorable patterns will make their palaces the cutest around!

If you need any more convincing, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the benefits of adding a cage stand to your guinea pig’s home.

Reason 1: Cage stands make your piggy less stressed

First things first - as a responsible piggy parent, you should always bear in mind the needs of your guinea pig and what will make them most comfortable.

Whether you’re considering a cage stand or trying to bond with your nervous pig, it’s important to remember that in the wild, piggies are prey animals (aka at the bottom of the food chain). Their nervous disposition is therefore naturally hardwired into their DNA, and they may always err on the side of caution - diving into a hidey or running for cover when you approach their cage suddenly.

The good news is that there are ways in which you can ease your fretful piggy’s fears!

One way to do this is to purchase a cage stand. This is because guinea pigs know that in the wild, predators come from above them - approaching from higher ground or else swooping down like a bird. If you keep your piggy directly on the floor or a much lower surface, they may find it quite stressful.

Placing them at a higher level by using a cage stand means that they’ll always be at your level (or at least, that’s what they’ll think!). This not only reduces any piggy panic, but also will also help them grow to trust you.

If you’ve ever thought that your guinea pig is a little bit nosey, it’s more often than not their prey instincts that encourage them to keep an eye on their immediate surroundings. When they’re placed on the floor, they don’t have a good vantage point for what’s going on outside and this may stress them out. Using a stand, on the other hand, means that they can happily munch hay whilst still having a full view of what exactly is going on. FOMO, anyone?!

Reason 2: Cage stands make the cage easier to clean 

If your guinea pig cage is on the floor, you will have to bend down or squat every time you interact with your piggies or clean. In the long run, this could become a hassle and encourage you to spend less time caring for your furry friends.

Realistically, piggies need their cages to be spot-cleaned daily, as well as thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. A dirty cage can quickly contribute to all sorts of unforeseen medical problems and expensive vet bills, so it’s important to keep your piggy palace spick and span. This will equal a happy and healthy pig.

Maintaining your piggy’s cage is already a thankless task, without having to bend down on your hands and knees. This can quickly turn it into a dreaded back-breaking ordeal - not good! Fortunately, using a cage stand means that your guinea pig’s home is at a much easier height for your regular cleaning schedule. Phew.

Plus, a cage stand is purpose-built to easily lift your cavy’s cage off the floor and hold it perfectly. When making do and placing it on a piece of furniture you already have - such as a table or a chest of drawers - it may not be completely stable. An ideal surface shouldn’t move and must hold the cage securely. 

When C&C cage stands are designed solely for this job, it’s a no-brainer to use one!

4x2 C&C cage with double stand rainbow storage boxes and lilac theme for guinea pigs and small pets

Reason 3: Cage stands create storage space 

Yep, cage stands are practical in so many ways. Guinea pigs come with a whole lot of necessary supplies - hay, food, bedding, toys, brushes, medicine… the list goes on! A stand will conveniently create the perfect storage solution underneath your C&C cage to keep all your piggy must-haves neatly tucked out of sight but close by.

In particular, you may find it helpful to store your cleaning supplies and fresh bedding in our C&C storage boxes. This will make cleaning your piggy’s cage a breeze!

Proper piggy maintenance is so much easier with a little bit of prior thought and organization. If you’re a busy person and want to maximize your piggy-parent productivity, then why not make life a million times easier for yourself? This is the ultimate piggy storage solution for you.
6x2 C&C cage with stand and underneath storage space for guinea pigs

Reason 4: Cages with a stand look great 

Last but not least, there’s no denying it - cages with a stand have some serious cavy curb appeal! Get ready to dazzle your guests with an eye-catching piggy palace that possesses the all-important wow-factor. If you’re not already blushing, then you will be when you start receiving a whole lot of compliments from your family, friends, and guests. 

We know that for stylish cavy carers, your home is an extension of you. As such, everything in it needs to be both beautiful and practical. Thankfully, long gone are the days of perching a rusty old cage on top of your bedroom drawers! Our C&C cages have been developed with your piggy’s utmost well-being in mind, whilst also enhancing the aesthetics of any room.

Is your piggy more of a rainbow stripe or a ditsy floral kind of cavy? There is a huge selection of fun and cute designs that you can coordinate across your storage boxes, fleece liners, and soft accessories to make your piggy palace super charming. You can also easily have a seasonal refresh by alternating your chosen designs if you like.

4x2 C&C cage and double stand with convenient storage space for guinea pigs and small pets


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