How to care for your Guinea Pig’s C&C Cage?

Guinea pigs love nothing better than living in a spacious C&C cage and having the freedom and space to run around. But you may be wondering about the longevity of their C&C cages,and how to keep them in top condition? 

If you are looking for ways to maintain your C&C guinea pig cage then read on to find out our top 5 tips and tricks in order to keep your guinea pig cage in the best shape. By following the tips below your C&C cage will last forever!

white 6x2 C&C cage on a stand for guinea pigs with ivory fleece liner bedding and grey felt storage boxes in living room

C&C Cage Maintenance Tip #1: Cleaning your guinea pig cage like a pro

Clean piggies are happy piggies! A large part of keeping your C and C cage clean is to routinely change and wash your guinea pigs fleece liners alongside daily spot cleaning. Cleaning daily prevents fleece liners from becoming too soiled which can leave stains marks on your correx sheets.

C&C Cleaning Tip #1: To help keep your washing machine free from hairs we recommend placing your fleece inside a laundry bag before washing in order for any loose hairs or hay particles to stay in the bag rather than in your washer drum! 

fleece liner laundry bag for guinea pig bedding washing machine

In order to keep your correx base in tip top shape, ensure that you deep clean your cage every 2-4 days for best results. The best way to do this is by cleaning the coroplast using a mild detergent. This can be either: soap and hot water, dishwashing liquid, multi-cleaner detergent, or even white vinegar if you are eco-conscious. Do not use too much fluid; simply wipe the coroplast with a wet rag. Leave to air dry or go over the correx with a dry cloth.

C&C Cleaning Tip #2: Guinea pigs have a strong sense of smell! They do not appreciate the strong smell of detergents. If using strong-scented detergents, use sparingly and allow sufficient time to pass before placing your guinea pigs back in the cage. 

For more details on cleaning your cage, read our step-by-step guide on cleaning your C&C cage or watch our video tutorial below: 

Grid meshing used on the cage should very rarely become dirty. The best way to clean your C&C grid meshing is to wipe down the metal with a dry cloth. Be mindful of spraying any detergents or leaving water on the grids as this may lead to rusting. If your meshing and connectors collect dust and hay particles, simply brush the metal with a dry brush.

C&C Cleaning Tip #3: As grid meshing can be delicate, ensure that when interacting with grids, you avoid squeezing or putting pressure on wires. Connectors are also delicate if used incorrectly or when forced. 

C&C Cage Maintenance Tip #2: Protecting your coroplast edges with nibble guards 

Guinea pigs are curious creatures and explore their environment using their teeth! You may find that your guinea pig will nibble on the correx edging due to being hungry or just to get your attention.

If your guinea pig does chew their coroplast, don’t panic as Kavee’s coroplast is non-toxic and indigestible therefore this will not cause any ill-effects. In fact, coroplast has been used for years within the guinea pig and rabbit community and there has been no reports of adverse effects. 

In order to keep your coroplast in good condition, nibble guards are the perfect solution to deter your guinea pigs from chewing whilst also protecting the correx edging. These guards are made from a thick plastic which can be inserted on top of the edges of your correx walls, keeping nibbling teeth away.

nibble guards to protect guinea pig C&C cage coroplast

C&C Maintenance Tip #3: Adding a stand to your C&C cage

Raising your C&C cage off the ground is a great way to maintain your C&C cage by improving cage cleans and general tidiness around your setup. We guarantee you will be much more inclined to clean your cage if you are using a stand!

Adding a C&C stand to your guinea pigs’ cage has many other benefits:

- creating space for storage boxes which can hold all of the guinea pig supplies. This is a great way to keep everything together and to keep your C&C cage area clean and tidy. 

- improve your pets' confidence. As prey animals, guinea pigs are fearful creatures that scurry and hide at low levels. Raising a cage is hugely beneficial to guinea pigs as they become less fearful and more confident.

Check out here our full article on all the reasons to add a stand to your guinea pigs C&C cage.

C&C Maintenance Tip #4: Replacing parts of your guinea pigs’ C&C cage 

If you have had your C and C cage for a while, you may begin to notice some general wear and tear, but don’t worry, C&C cages are easy to update and modify! If you need to replace parts of your cage, C&C building supplies are easy to find. In fact, Kavee has dedicated an entire collection to C&C cage materials

Due to their modular design, C&C cages can be modified by replacing C&C grids, coroplast and connectors: making your guinea pig’s cage look brand new in a matter of seconds! For an extra stylish look, why not upgrade some of your grids to our new clear panels for C&C cages?

Did you know that coroplast is also 100% recyclable? As pet owners, it is important that we remain mindful of the environment, which makes C&C cages ideal!

6x2 C&C cage with a stand and loft lilac coroplast for guinea pigs parts to replace

C&C Cage Maintenance Tip #5: Avoiding outdoor use

Although C&C grids can be used outside for spacious guinea pig runs, it is important to note that weather can affect grids over time. Exposure to rain and wet weather may cause the grid meshing to rust over a long period of time. High winds and bad weather may also cause damage to your setup.

For best results, cover your run in rainy/poor weather or pack it away in a clean dry place such as a garage or a shed. Check out our c and c challenge where we managed to disassemble a cage in less than 3 minutes!


Maintaining a C&C cage is a simple and effective way not only to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy but also to allow your C&C cage to last for years to come! 

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