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Guinea pigs are adorable small pets, but their short legs like to run. As cavy care has hugely improved over the last decade or so, piggy parents have also got a much better understanding of their furry friends’ needs - and the right cage is at the top of that list. Today, piggy parents choose cavy castles that allow their beloved pets to unfold  their funny personalities and have a healthy guinea pig body and mind.

Our fluffy friends have a variety of needs, including space, shelter, food and water, and the right temperature and humidity - the right guinea pigs cage setup should cover all of these. So let us take you on a journey to learn about your guinea pigs’ needs in large guinea pig cages, so you can set up the perfect piggy palace for them!

What are the Cage Basic Requirements for Guinea Pigs?

Ever thought that your little piggies can be pretty demanding? Yep, us, too! But when it comes to cages, there are a handful of basic cage requirements that cavy carers need to know about for their pets’ wellbeing. We’ve put together an unbeleafably handy guide for your and your cute critters, covering everything from the right guinea pig cage size, the most comfortable temperature for the furry friends, and the ideal levels of humidity!

Size matters for Guinea Pigs Cages!

Size absolutely matters when it comes to the right cages for your guinea pigs! Did you know that a small cage affects your pigs mental and physical wellbeing? Extra exercise space makes it easier for your pigs to stay a healthy weight. After all, the walking stomachs (as we lovingly call them) eat constantly, so they need to run off that extra treat. But that’s not all - a large cage is also important for their mental health!

The big-eyed pigs like to be busy, just like other pets, so enrichment is an important part of cavy care.The right guinea pigs cage setup and size gives your pigs plenty to explore and keep them entertained. So how big a cage do you need for your herd?

The right guinea pig cage size depends on the amount of pigs you have, and also their sex. Why, you ask? Male guinea pigs, also known as boars, are more prone to bickering than their female counterparts, so they may need to spend some time apart from each other at different ends of the cage.

These guinea pig cage size recommendations are minimum sizes for happy, healthy pigs. They offer enough space to create a great guinea pigs cage setup, including a separate cozy corner, bathroom area, and kitchen area for your precious pets. If you have the space to upgrade your pigs’ palace to a larger size, your fluffy floofers will thank you for it. At Kavee, we live by the rule of the bigger, the better!

Why not upgrade your piggies' cage as the ultimate Christmas gift?

Let’s take a look at the recommended guinea pig cage sizes for different herds!

Guinea pig cages for 2 pigs

The 4x2 C&C cage is a brilliant choice for 2 females with a total of 10 sq. ft. of floor space. The 5x2 C&C cages are fantastic guinea pig cages for 2 males with 12 sq. ft. of floor space.

Guinea pig cages for 3 pigs

The 5x2 C&C cages are great guinea pig cages for 3 females. Three males enjoy the 6x2 C&C cage with 14 sq. ft. of floor space.

Guinea pig cages for 4 pigs

If you’ve got a herd of 4 sows, they’ll live happily in a 6x2 C&C cage. A herd of 4 boars do best in the L-shape 8x2 C&C cage. It’s two 4x2 cages attached to each other, so you’re giving your pigs 20 sq. ft. and a true piggy paradise. This cage also comes with a divider, in case the furry friends need to be separated into two herds at any point.

A note on 3x2 C&C cages

With a floor space of 8 sq. ft., these cages are too small for an adorable duo of pigs, so we don’t recommend this guinea pig cage size as anything but a temporary solution.

Location Matters for Guinea Pig Cages

When it’s time to bring your piggy friends home, and you’re setting up their cavy castle, there’s another important point to consider: the location of the cage. Although the small floofs originally came from South America, they’re not great with heat, cold, or humidity. So before you put together one of the big guinea pig cages, make sure to find the perfect spot for your furry friends!

The ideal temperature for guinea pigs is between 65 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 23 degrees Celsius). In that regard, they’re not too different from their hoomans. They can stay in a living room or a spare bedroom, never too close to a heater, direct sunlight that could heat up their habitats (especially important for plastic hideys!), and fireplaces. The furry potatoes can’t sweat, so if it gets hot in here, they can’t take off all their coats. That’s when heatstroke becomes a real danger. If it gets chilly or there are drafts, the small furries can get the guinea pig version of a cold, an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) that’s just as dangerous for them. It’s one of the main reasons the small pets aren’t suited for an outdoor life. Keep your floofy friends cozy to keep them well!

Did you know guinea pigs have a sensitive respiratory system? This means that they don’t do well with strong scents, found in cleaning sprays, room fresheners, scented candles, and other household staples that create fumes, like teflon (watch out when you’re cooking or using a hairdryer!). No non-scents, so to speak. If you’re a fan of romantic candlelight dinners, it’s best to keep those to a pig-free room.

Humidity is also something your piggies want you to think about. They do best in a low humidity, between 40 and 70 percent. So, unfortunately, no piggy palace in the bathroom - even if it would be fun to watch them when you’re brushing your teeth. A thermometer and a hygrometer are a great way to keep track of the temperature and humidity around their home.

The final point to help you locate the perfect piggy spot is airflow. Although the small floofs don’t like drafts, their cage needs ventilation. Pigs go for bathroom breaks all day, every day, and without proper ventilation, they can actually get sick from the smell. C&C cages are a great option to allow for proper ventilation, even with transparent panels on one side, because the air can flow through all sides with grid panels. For this exact reason, plastic cages and glass tanks aren’t a good choice as guinea pig cages.

Now, there’s something to think about for pigs and their piggy parents: noise levels. Guinea pigs are active day and night, so you probably don’t want to keep them next to your bed - or you could go many sleepless hours, listening to your furry friends drink loudly from their water bottle. But your sweet floofs are just as sensitive to loud noises and prone to hiding when they get spooked. So a quiet area of your home is the best choice for your guinea pigs cage setup, especially if you’re bonding with them.

To sum it up, the best spot for your cavy castle is a quiet area of your home with a comfortable temperature and humidity, no drafts, and good ventilation - ideally in a living room or spare bedroom.

The best guinea pig cages have the right size and right location for your herd. Pictured is a 4x2 C&C cage from Kavee.

What’s the right guinea pig cage structure for my furry friends?

When you pick the best cages for guinea pigs, the cage’s structure can make or break the deal. The floor, material, and access to all areas are key for your piggies’ comfort and safety, so here are some aspects to think about when you choose their cage.

A solid and comfortable floor

When you’re building your cage, you start at the bottom, right? Did you know that the right flooring is key to perfect piggy paws?

The wrong cage floor - in particular wire meshing - is painful on your piggies’ sensitive feet and can cause a host of health issues. If you’ve heard of bumblefoot, you’ll know it’s a serious and painful condition that comes from unsuitable and unsanitary cage floors. Choosing the right flooring for the large guinea pig cages is a great step to keep piggy paws in pawfect condition!

A coroplast base is sturdy and lightweight, so it’ll keep your pigs safe. It’s also so easy to clean - a quick hoover and a wipe down with a pet-safe cleaner make it look like new. If you want to put solid ground under your sweet pets’ feet, coroplast is a fantastic choice.

Remember to also pick the bedding carefully. Fleece liners are soft on your pigs’ paws, easy to wash, and reusable - so they’re good for your pets and the planet!

The right cage sides and top

The bottom of the guinea pigs cage setup is sorted - so what’s next? The sides and the top! When it comes to choosing the right material for the sides and top, the most important thing to consider is ventilation. Without fresh air, a guinea pig’s respiratory system suffers, and they could end up getting ill. So to keep your pigs breathing freely, mesh grids are a great option. For this exact reason, it’s also important to avoid cages made from plastic or glass. Transparent panels at the front of the cage still allow for good ventilation through the sides, back, and top of the cage - but a vivarium or fish tank wouldn’t.

When you’re picking from the large guinea pig cages, make sure to keep an eye on the bar spacing, the room between each bar of the cage. If the spacing is too big, your pig could get stuck in it - especially dangerous for baby pigs and smaller floofs. Anything less than a 9x9 grid isn’t the right choice for guinea pigs. Kavee’s panels have extra narrow spacing, so they’re suitable for young piggies aged 8 weeks or older. As with any new pig equipment, watch your pets when they first use it to make sure they’re okay. Better safe than sorry!

A photo showing the comparison of the type of grids used in guinea pig cages ranking from unsafe to safe kavee c and c cages grids are the safest for your guinea pig

The right ramp for a multi-story mansion

When we talk about the room our pigs need to zoom, it’s about floor space on a single level. Adding a second level doesn’t add to the floor space, but it’s a fantastic opportunity for exploration and foraging. So if you’ve got a multi-story mansion for your pigs, or you’ve added a lovely loft to their home, you can make sure your pigs make the most of it by adding the right ramp. 

The ramp should be at a comfortable angle, since guinea pigs can’t really climb. If the ramp is too steep, they may just not use it. When you first introduce your pigs to the higher ground, you can put their favorite treats on the ramp. It’ll give them a confidence boost, and once they’ve made it up the ramp, they’ll be hopping up and down in no time.

Guinea pig cages for 2 or more pigs should be safe, comfortable, and enriching for your pets. Pictured is a 4x2 C&C cage with a stand.

Another fun fact about your pigs? They have really poor depth perception. That means that they can’t tell if they’re high up or near the ground - a good fact to know when putting in your ramp. So to stop your furry friends from jumping off the ramp, you can put slightly raised edges on them.

Finally, guinea pigs have soft feet that are perfect for sliding - but not so perfect for walking up and down a ramp. Unfortunately, there are no anti-slip socks for your little friends, so the ramp needs to do that job. You can get fleece liners for a loft and ramp, and our wooden ramp has dents that give your pigs extra grip. If you’re building your own ramp, why not add some dents or an anti-slip cover to it?

When it comes to ramps in a multi-story pig mansion, make sure they’re at a comfortable angle, have raised sides, and aren't slippery.

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cage?

Now that we’re feeling ready to choose the best cages for guinea pigs, we can move onto the really exciting part: the interior design for your piggy palace. All of these accessories play a crucial part in your pets’ day-to-day life, and they also come in different colors and materials, so you can make the cage feel like a home. Let’s take a look at the must-haves for the perfect guinea pigs cage setup!

Beautiful bedding

The right bedding is essential for each of the large guinea pig cages. Bedding absorbs moisture, so your sweet floofs aren’t in danger of soggy bottoms. In the wild, our furry friends move across great distances, so their constant bathroom habits aren’t much of a problem. When their domesticated cousins live in our homes, cavy carers are in charge of keeping the cage clean - and the right bedding helps greatly!

There are lots of bedding options out there for pigs. The most popular ones are

When you compare these choices, remember to pick bedding that’s dust-free and doesn’t harm your floofers if they nibble on it. At Kavee, we recommend fleece liners for your cage. The multi-layer design absorbs moisture quickly, is soft on your pigs’ paws, and is easy to clean. A simple wash, a few hours on the drying rack, and it’s good to go again. Fleece liners are a brilliant choice for your small pets and the planet because they’re reusable for as long as you like.

On top of the practical benefits of bedding, your pigs can also use it to create a comfy snooze spot. Like us, guinea pigs love a nap, and if their bedding is plush and soft, they can fall asleep anywhere.

an illustration of kavee c and c cages fleece liners with daisy spot and rainbow patterns

Choose your bedding carefully - it’s the most important part of your guinea pigs cage setup!

Food and water

Did you know that guinea pigs eat lots of little (and often big) meals during the day? They need to eat regularly to keep their guinea guts moving, so a feast should be available at all times. Well, not quite. A cup of veggies per pig per day and the recommended amount of pellets are important for your pigs, but even more so is a huge pile of hay. High-quality hay is full of important nutrients, helps wear your pigs’ teeth down, and it’s the bulk of their daily food.

24/7 access to hay and fresh, clean water is a basic guinea pig need, and a must in any piggy palace.

Adorable Accessories

Bedding, food, and water cover the basics in your guinea pigs cage setup. And then there’s the accessories…

Cage accessories may seem like a luxury to new piggy parents, but actually, guinea pigs are skittish little pets. If they get scared, they need a safe place to hide - and that’s what the cage accessories are for. Our favorite accessories include

  • homely hidey
  • tunnel
  • cuddle cup
  • corner curtain
  • sleep sack
  • bed with pillows
  • wooden castle

By having a range of these accessories at home, you’ll be prepared for cage cleaning day, when the fleece accessories need a wash or the wooden ones get a thorough clean. Also, changing the guinea pigs cage setup every wheek keeps your furry friends busy exploring. Hiding opportunities are super important to your pigs because they’ll feel safe. Hideys can relieve stress and inspire confidence, so they’re important for your pets’ emotional wellbeing.

an illustration of Kavee c and c cages fleece and wooden accessories for large guinea pig cages

Do you know what else can boost your pigs’ mental wellbeing? Enrichment! Toys and foraging fun keep the sweet floofers busy, so they don’t end up causing mischief.

And that’s your piggy palace set up beautifully!

How to Recognize the Best Guinea Pig Cage: a Checklist 

Finding the right habitat for your furry friends in the sea of big guinea pig cages can be a challenge - for new cavy carers in particular. That’s why we’ve put together this handy checklist for the best cages for guinea pigs. Make your floofers’ dreams come true with the perfect piggy palace!

A list of important things to consider for your guinea pigs cage setup

Do they have all they need?

First things first: when looking at cages for guinea pigs, you’ll want to make sure that your pigs’ future home meets all the basic requirements for guinea pigs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the cage the right size for my herd? Could I get a larger size?
  2. Could my guinea pigs get stuck anywhere?
  3. Are any parts putting my pets at risk, including steep ramps?
  4. Is the cage made of suitable material that won’t harm my pigs and has a good airflow?
  5. Can I fit accessories, food, and water in the cage and still give my pigs room to zoom?

If you can answer all of these questions to your satisfaction, then you’ve found big guinea pig cages that cover your pigs’ basic needs - yay!

Is the cage easy to clean?

Clean, large guinea pig cages get your floofers wheeking in pure bliss. Guinea pigs are notoriously clean animals, but they are also the masters of mess-making. It’s up to their piggy parents to create a neat, hygienic living space for them - your pigs’ health depends on it!

So when you’re buying a cage, make sure it’s easy to clean, for pets’ sake (and your own)!

Watch out for easy access to cage corners and material you can simply spray with a pet-friendly disinfectant and wipe down, like coroplast.

If you can choose a cage on a stand, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning it, especially if you have back issues.

Do yourself and your pigs a favor, and choose an easy-to-clean cage!

Can you adapt the cage to your pets’ needs?

Circumstances change, and so do our piggy herds. Many a piggy parent started off with a cute pair of cavies… and had a whole herd just a few months later. When you pick from the range of big guinea pig cages, it’s a good idea to future-proof the piggy palace. Can you simply add to the cage if you need more room? Can you change the layout, in case you move and need to fit it into a different space? Can you section off an area, in case your pigs fight?

Planning for the future can save you a lot of trouble.

Can you bond with your pigs?

Another topic on every cavy carer’s mind: quality time with their cute critters. The choice of guinea pig cages can make a big difference in your furry friends’ boldness. If they feel safe in their environment, they’ll be much more confident to come and speak to you. And if you have easy access to them, you’ll have a much easier time picking them up. So how can you make sure you and your pigs are comfortable around each other? Another vote for the cage on a stand!

Bending over your pigs when you pick them up is pretty scary to the small floofers. They can’t tell the difference between a friendly hooman reaching for them and a predator on the hunt. By bringing your pigs closer to you in a cage with a stand, you’ll be less intimidating by reaching for them from an angle they can see. And it’ll be easier for you, too. So for cavy quality time, a cage with a stand is your best choice.

Does the habitat fit into your home?

If you’ve followed our tips and tricks so far, you’ve already picked a quiet corner for your cavy cage. Now you just need to double-check that your choice of big guinea pig cages also fits into the corner. Is it the right size? Is there a good airflow, without any drafts? Does it keep your pigs safe from other pets? Is the cage far enough away from any bedrooms that you won’t hear the pigs at night?

Finding a great cage for your floofs is crucial, and it’s just as important that it’s the right cage for you!

Types of guinea pig cages

1. C&C guinea pig cages

C&C cages are made from cubes, or grids, and a coroplast base. These big guinea pig cages have been around for 40 years, but have become a favorite with pet parents and small animal experts more recently.

Cavy carers love C&C guinea pig cages because they’re

spacious - with options larger than the minimum requirements as Kavee’s standard.

  • easy to assemble, adapt, and store
  • easy to customize
  • easy to clean
  • great for ventilation

…and, let’s be honest, they also look amazing in our homes! We’re convinced that C&C guinea pig cages are the best option because they allow piggy parents to help their pets live better lives.

But beware! There are lots of C&C cage companies out there, and the quality of the grids, coroplast, and accessories varies - which can be dangerous to your pets. Make sure to read up on the right coroplast, the right mesh sizing, and the right cage quality before you choose your C&C cage. Even the grid coating could be poisonous to your pigs, and we all know they love to nibble.

If you’re thinking of buying a C&C cage, you’re in the right place! Kavee offers C&C cages for every taste, so you can choose the one that’s right for you and your pigs. Our small animal experts have tested every part of our cages, again and again… and once more. So you can rest assured that our cages benefit your pigs - that’s the Kavee quality!

2. Wooden guinea pig cages

Wooden guinea pig cages can be a good option for your pets. Most of these cages have a wooden base and sides with small glass windows, so the piggies can see what’s happening outside their habitat. Piggy parents like them because they’re

If you’re thinking about this type of cage, you’ve got a choice between making your own wooden guinea pig cage or getting a custom-made one. With both options, you should watch out for the right floor space and guinea pig cage size for your herd.

While wooden guinea pig cages can be a good option, there are some common complaints about them. Wooden guinea pig cages are

  • heavy, so they’re difficult to move
  • not adaptable - once you picked a guinea pig cage size, you can’t easily add to it
  • not as great for ventilation as other cages
  • difficult to maintain - the wooden base has to be covered to protect it from the guinea pigs’ bathroom habits, making it a pain to clean
  • potentially dangerous, if the paint and wood aren’t suitable for piggies to chew on

Our verdict on the wooden guinea pig cages: they can make a good guinea pig home, but the lack of flexibility and ease of cleaning and assembling see the C&C cage come out on top.

3. Traditional pet store guinea pig cages

We’ll be honest - it’s rare to find guinea pig cages in pet stores that are safe and suitable for our furry friends. From the wrong size to outright dangerous parts, there isn’t much to get excited about when it comes to pet store cages. It’s best to stay away from pet shop cages because they’re

  • too small - the floor space is usually below the minimum for guinea pigs
  • difficult to clean
  • not flexible at all
  • poor quality, often with steep ramps and dangerous elements

…and they’re an eyesore in your home!

The only real benefit of a pet store guinea pig cage is the convenience of having it right there in the pet shop. These cages can also be a bit cheaper than others, but because they’re no good for the pigs, piggy parents upgrade to a larger cage soon after.

To give your beloved pets the space they need, you might want to stay far away from traditional pet store guinea pig cages.

4. Glass fish tanks

Aquariums or vivariums are sometimes used as cages for guinea pigs, but, unfortunately, it’s a clear no for these. The long glass tanks are great for piggy watching and cleaning, but they aren’t great for anything else.

The problem with aquariums as guinea pig cages is that they’re really poor for ventilation. Cavy carers with a glass tank often report Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs) in their pets. And even a large fish tank is still much too small for guinea pigs. Although it’s fun to watch the small furries in their glass tank, it muffles the sounds around your pigs, making them much more skittish during lap time.

Overall, piggy parents shouldn’t bother looking at glass tanks for their precious pets.

C&C cages are great guinea pig cages for 2 or more pigs. Fish tanks, wooden cages, and plastic pet store cages aren't great options.

10 Best Cages for Guinea Pigs

Being a pet parent isn’t easy because there’s so much to learn. That’s why our team of experienced piggy parents has put together a list of cages we think are great for your furry friends. From C&C cages to wooden hutches, we’ve looked at them all and ranked them by ease of set-up, access, cleaning, and flexibility.

Time to find the right guinea pigs cage setup for you!

A list of the top 10 best guinea pig cages


The 4x2 C&C cages for guinea pigs with a ramp and loft are our most popular cages, and the perfect guinea pig cages for 2 females. These lovely cages have all the benefits of a C&C cage made from only the best materials - including a great size, easy assembly and cleaning, and flexibility. The coroplast base comes cut to size for your cage, so it’s a simple matter of sliding it into place, connecting the grids around it, and adding the loft. Then it’s time for a piggy popcorn party!

a kavee 4x2 with loft blue cage with portuguese tiles liners and accessories

With the open-top design, you’ve got direct access to your pigs, making the bonding process so much quicker - a real bonus for young cavy carers. This cage is also fantastic for curious kids who love to watch their piggies. This cage is our favorite, so take a look at Kavee cages today!

The 4x2 C&C cage is one of the best cages for guinea pigs!


If you’re new to the world of guinea pigs and you find the idea of putting a cage together a little daunting, don’t worry! The Little Friends cage may not look as impressive as a C&C cage, but it’s a great option in the sea of big guinea pig cages for two happy piggies.

Don’t be fooled by its description as a rabbit cage - it’s a good choice for your pigs. The sturdy base and wire top arrive almost as you see them here, so there’s next to no assembly needed.

My little friends 160 cage for guinea pigs

My Little Friends 160 Cage

Cleaning this cage is also not too much of a task, apart from the corners. And the same goes for access to your pigs. You can reach them through the doors, but it’s not the same ease you get with an open-top C&C cage. A word of warning: the hay rack attached to the wire top isn’t great for pigs. Your guinea pigs need hay all day long, so a hay bag or a big pile inside the cage are much better options.

One of the best cages for guinea pigs, the My Little Friends 160

Our verdict: great as a starter cage for brand-new piggy parents with a few adjustments.


A cavy carer secret: you never just have two guinea pigs. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a piggy parent in possession of two pigs is in want of more pigs.

So when the new additions join your herd, we’ve got a great cage for you. If you’re loving the look of a C&C cage for your two pairs of pigs but don’t want to lose any more space in your home, give the double-decker C&C cage a go!

Kavee two-tiered 4x2 double stacked c and c cage for 2 pairs of guinea pigs with cow print accessories and liners

Kavee Two Tier 4x2 Stacked Double C&C Cage

The two-tier 4x2 C&C cage is made of two guinea pig cages for 2 females stacked on top of each other. It’s got all the benefits of our regular C&C cages - amazing floor space, ease of cleaning, and flexibility - but for twice the amount of pigs. The double-decker cage is the perfect space-saving solution for piggy parents with two separate herds. Give it a go today!

The Kavee two-tier cages are one of the big cages for guinea pigs.


The wooden Hamster Homes cage sure isn’t just for hamsters! The cage is the right size for two piggies, according to the RSPCA’s recommendations, and it’s available in a larger size as well. You know what we’ll say, right? Go up a size for your beloved pets’ comfort!

Best wooden cage for guinea pigs is one of the big guinea pig cages.

Hamster Homes UK: Extra Large Indoor Guinea Pig Cage with Optional Roof

This wooden cage seems sturdy and a good size for your pigs, but it’s less exciting for us hoomans. While you can easily get to your pigs and the base has plenty of depth for comfy bedding, cleaning a wooden guinea pig cage can be quite the challenge. The piggy parents would need to add a protective layer under the bedding, or their pigs’ mess would destroy the wood. Plus, their furry friends are likely to chew the wood. And, of course you couldn’t add to or adapt this cage, so the lack of flexibility makes it a less than ideal choice.

The Hamster Homes guinea pig cage has a good guinea pig cage size.

Bottom line: this cage is great for piggies, but less so for their cavy carers.


If you’re looking for a cage that makes life better for your pigs and yourself, look no further! The 4x2 C&C cage with a double-stand is the one for you. The high stand puts your guinea pigs almost at eye level with you, making it so much easier to bond with them. This cage also has all the benefits of a regular C&C cage, like flexibility, room to zoom for your pigs, and ease of access. But the benefits don’t end there.

If you're wanting big guinea pig cages, take a look at the Kavee 4x2 C and C cage with double stand in white for guinea pigs kavee blog usa


Kavee White 4x2 C&C Cage with Double Stand

Because the cage is at eye level for piggy parents, cage cleaning day becomes so easy. Rather than being hunched over their cage on the ground, you can get rid of the pig mess at a comfortable level. Cleaning becomes quicker, so that leaves extra cuddle time with your cavies. And with lots of space underneath the cage, you can keep all your pig equipment stored neatly and safely right where you need it.

The only slight downside to this cage is that it takes a little longer to put together than a regular C&C cage. But with plenty of tutorials on YouTube, you’ll be done in no time at all.

The 4x2 C&C cage with a double stand is one of the most popular cages for guinea pigs.


If you’re looking for a cage with a built-in hay or feeding area, the midwest cage could be for you. This cage has a fabric base with a wire top, and a divider in the middle to separate your piggies’ living area from the kitchen area.

But beware of the cage’s size!


Best guinea pig cages with separate feeding area Kavee blog usa


Midwest Cage: Guinea Pig Habitat Plus

Although the cage is advertised with an 8 sq. ft. living area, it’s actually only 7.2 sq. ft. of floor space - a little misleading. And now to the real issue: although 8 sq. ft. is the recommended minimum space for two pigs according to some organizations, we think it’s too little in guinea pig cages for 2 furries. A female pair of pigs should have at least 10 sq. ft. to be happy, and an even larger cage for two males.

Now, the floor space should be a continuous area to give your pigs room to zoom. By adding the divider in the middle, we’d be cutting off this room. So this cage is too small for guinea pigs. Then why is it on our list of best cages? The redeeming quality: you can connect two Midwest cages to each other. So if you have a cage with a feeding area attached to another cage without a divider, you’re giving your pets enough room to zoom.

The Midwest cage becomes one of the best cages for guinea pigs if you put two of them together.

The verdict: piggy parents can make this cage work, but there are better large guinea pig cages with flexibility and more space out there.


When you have an ill pig or a pregnant sow in need of a little quiet, the 3x2 C&C cage is a great temporary solution. The 3x2 cage isn’t one of the large guinea pig cages, but a smaller version of our other C&C cages with a stand, so it’s easy to clean and access whenever it’s time for medicine or simply a little TLC.


Kavee 3x2 C and c cage with stand black modular grids and zebra print boxes is a great choice amongst the guinea pig cages.

Kavee 3x2 C&C Cage with Stand

This cage is a great temporary solution since you can store it away easily when your pig can rejoin their herd.  You can also buy fleece liners and storage boxes that fit this cage perfectly, making it even easier to set up and take down as needed. Like all cages with a stand, the assembly takes slightly longer than a simple C&C guinea pigs cage setup, but our video guides over on YouTube make this an easy task.

The 3x2 C&C cage is not one of the large guinea pig cages, and it's best as a temporary solution.

Please note that no guinea pig should ever live by themselves permanently, and no pair or herd should live in a 3x2 cage for any amount of time. 


Like other wooden cages for guinea pigs, this cage is sturdy and good for accessibility - and it’s fully customizable! So when you order this cage, you can decide the dimensions, making sure your pigs have got the room to zoom. We love a cage that fits into your home neatly while meeting your herd’s needs.


Wooden world Large indoor Guinea Pig Hutch is one of the big guinea pig cages


Wooden World, Large indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

The downside of wooden guinea pig cages is that they need extra lining to protect the wood from the piggy mess. This makes them less easy to clean. 

Of course, the wooden cage is at risk of being chewed by your sweet friends, so it may not look nice for long. And once you’ve made your choice about the cage’s size, there’s no way to adapt it to your needs or even move it easily.

The Wooden World is one of the big guinea pig cages.

Once again, we think this cage can be a great fit for your pigs, but makes life just a little bit harder for the hoomans.


If you’re a fan of large guinea pig cages (we are, too!), then you’ll love the 6x2 C&C cage. With a whooping 14 sq. ft. of floor space, it’s Kavee’s biggest single-level cage, and it’s perfect for up to four sows or three boars. Want to give your pigs a reason for a popcorn party? This cage is it!


The Kavee 6x2 c and c cage with stand for guinea pigs is one of the best guinea pig cages


Kavee 6X2 Guinea Pig C&C Cage with Stand

This cage has the flexibility and ease of access of all other C&C cages with a stand, with plenty of room to store hay, treats, toys, and equipment right underneath your piggies’ home. The neat look and wide range of liners and accessories make this cage the centerpiece of any room.

The 6x2 C&C cage is one of our favourite guinea pigs cage setup.

This cage is a true piggy paradise - why not take a look at our website today?


Our furry friends aren’t suited to outdoor life, but they do love to munch on grass when the weather is just right. So if you’re treating them to a special outdoor space, this hutch could be the one for you. With plenty of room and extra fox-proof wire, the Chartwell Hutch keeps your floofs safe while the sun’s out and they’re getting their piggy buns out.

Best outdoor wooden cage for guinea pigs 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch is also a great choice for guinea pig cages for 2 pigs.

6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch

The hutch has cleaning bars you can remove and empty, and it’s treated with pet-friendly varnish to make it water-resistant. With several doors, this hutch is as accessible as a hutch could be. Remember that you’d need to add a secure playpen with a top to let your pigs enjoy the grass.

For temporary trips outdoors, this hutch is a lovely choice for guinea pigs!

This outdoor hutch has a good guinea pig cage size for trips to the garden.

Conclusion: What Guinea Pig Cage Should You Choose?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to cages for guinea pigs. While your floofy friends have basic requirements of their guinea pig cage setup, especially when it comes to the guinea pig cage size, there are lots of options for a real piggy palace that makes you and your companions happy. 

The cages you’ve just seen are our personal recommendations because they meet all of your pigs’ needs. Whichever one you choose, you’re setting up a cavy castle with plenty of room to zoom, and your pigs will be all the happier and healthier for it!

We’re convinced that more space equals a better life for our furry friends, so if you can, it’s always good to upgrade their habitat to the next bigger option. When you’re making a decision on big guinea pig cages, it’s also good to think about the space available in your home and how you can use it best. We’d suggest putting your pigs first because the right cage has a huge impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Choosing the right cage can be daunting, but also so rewarding when you watch your piggies popcorn in excitement. For even more enrichment, you can add foraging, accessories, and toys to your new piggy palace. And daily out-of-cage time to explore, get cuddles, and stretch their little legs is also a true treat for your furry friends.

a kavee c and c doubled up black grid cage filed with leopard print liners and accessories from kavee c and c cages

Whichever one of these guinea pig cages you choose for your precious pets, we know your precious pets are going to repay you the kindness and love a thousandfold.

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Fine Mayer

Fine is an ardent animal lover and particularly enjoys the company of her three guinea pigs, Tiberius, Ziri, and Henry. With more than 15 years of pigsperience, she knows the ins and outs of guinea pig care. Today, Fine lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her three pigs and three noisy birds.

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