Ins-pyro-tion To Keep Guinea Pigs Safe During Firework Season

Every year, we enjoy cozying up and watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and July 4. The bursts of light in the sky equal celebrations, good food, and quality time with friends and family. But what about our furry friends? The small pets light up our world, but they’re not fond of fireworks lighting up the sky. So let’s have a look at why guinea pigs are scared of fireworks, what we can do to help our companions, and some ins-pyro-tion for the perfect piggy safe spot!

Are guinea pigs scared of fireworks?

Are guinea pigs scared of fireworks? Yes, most are! Pictured are two guinea pigs in a cage in front of a window with fireworks.

While some piggies stay cool as cucumbers, most guinea pigs are scared of fireworks. Piggy parents sometimes find their furry friends hiding in a dark corner, looking stressed and scared. Some of the little floofs munch on rocket every other day, but when the rockets light up the sky, they may start eating altogether - and this can quickly become a piggy problem.

If you’re worried about your guinea pigs during fireworks, or they are off their food for longer than a few hours, it’s best to call your vet for advice.

Why do guinea pigs get scared of fireworks?

Guinea pigs and fireworks can be a dangerous combination. Pictured is a guinea pig looking worried in front of a window with fireworks.

Did you know that fireworks were invented to chase away evil spirits? The bright colors and loud noises are meant to be scary - so it’s no surprise guinea pigs get scared of fireworks. When the sky lights up and there are loud bangs everywhere without any warning, it probably feels like the end of the world - or at the very least a bad storm - to the small furries. Our little firecrackers aren’t fond of actual firecrackers.

Preparation is key to make fireworks less stressful for guinea pigs, so let’s find out how we can spot a scared pig!

How can I tell if my guinea pigs are afraid of fireworks?

Are guinea pigs scared of fireworks? Yes! Pictured is a guinea pig hiding in a pile of hay from the fireworks.

If your adorable friends are scared of the fireworks, you’ll notice a change in behavior. Are your floofs suddenly stuck inside their hidey, not eating, looking scared? These are pretty normal reactions to the loud noises and bright lights. They may also try to escape or become aggressive when you try to handle them, since they feel they need to defend themselves.

Even if their pigs have a flare for being dramatic, piggy parents should watch out for a change in eating and toilet habits. It’s okay if your pets aren’t snacking on a rocket salad while there’s rockets going off, flare enough. If they don’t come for food soon after, though, it could become a problem. Read up on impaction here!

If you’re worried about your guinea pigs during fireworks, give your vet a call.

To make fireworks as easy on our pets as possible, we’ve got some tips and tricks for piggy parents.

How do I help my guinea pigs with fireworks?

Do guinea pigs get scared of fireworks? Yes, so this image shows our top tips to help your pigs!

When it comes to guinea pigs and fireworks, the best thing worried pet parents can do is keep the noise and lights out of their pigs’ homes. What exactly you do really depends on your sweet floofs’ habitat. If they live outdoors, it could help to bring the guinea pigs into your home, or at least a shed or garage. If they’re indoors, closed curtains and a cozy corner can make a big difference for your little friends. Background noise also helps to cancel out the loud noise, so why not put on the radio or TV (Big Bang Theory, anyone?!) for them?

How can I create a safe spot for my guinea pigs when fireworks start?

Can guinea pigs die from fireworks? Yes, so help them stay stress-free with lots of hiding opportunities.

You can help your gorgeous guinea pigs feel safe during fireworks by creating a safe spot or cozy corner. This spot should have lots of hiding opportunities for your furry friends, and everything else they need - like water, food, and lots of tasty treats. It also helps to add extra bedding and hay to the area, so your precious pets can make their own bed.

For the perfect cozy corner, you can mix and match these accessories:

  • Fleece hidey
  • Fleece tunnel
  • Corner Curtain
  • Wooden castle
  • Sleep sack
  • Water bottle
  • Food
  • Tasty treats
  • Lots of hay

Remember to close all windows, curtains, and doors to muffle the noise and light coming through to your pigs. Our top tip: put on some quiet, calming music for your pigs. Classical music has a relaxing effect on most floofs, and it can distract your furry friends from the noise. These steps bring some calm and distraction to your guinea pigs while fireworks are on.

Now that our indoor friends are all taken care of, how can we help outdoor pets feel secure?

What do I do with my outdoor guinea pigs when fireworks are on?

Are guinea pigs afraid of fireworks? Yes, and even outdoor fireworks need extra care.

When it comes to outdoor guinea pigs and fireworks, piggy parents have a few options. Some small pet experts recommend moving your pets indoors, so there’s a thick wall between your pets and the loud noises. If there’s no way to bring your pets into your home, they can also benefit from a night in a shed or garage.

Some pet parents have found this suggestion controver-shell. Their floofs get more stressed by the move, so they make their pigs’ habitat firework-proof instead. Same as for indoor pigs, they create safe spots with extra hideys and lots of bedding to hide in. Then, you can turn the hutch towards a wall or fence to muffle the noise and flashes of light, and also add heavy blankets or duvets to it. Make sure to leave a bit of the hutch uncovered for ventilation.

If your pets stay outdoors during fireworks, it’s a good idea to check on them regularly. It’s also worth checking that their habitat is escape-proof, in case the floofers panic and try to run.

Should I use medication or supplements?

Can guinea pigs die from fireworks? Unfortunately, yes, so if you're worried about your pigs, ask your vet for calming supplements.

Some of our precious pets don’t cope well with fireworks. If you’ve got a pig who can’t keep their cool when the loud bangs and flashes of light start, you can ask your vet for advice and help. There are cavy-savvy calming sprays, plug-ins, and diffusers that help your pigs stay as cool as a cucumber (or at least less panicky!). Your vet can recommend the right treatment for your guinea pigs while fireworks are on, and also explain when to start treating them.

Beware: some calming pet supplements and medication are suitable for cats and dogs, but wouldn’t agree with our small furries. Always check with your vet before using them.

FAKs - Frequently Asked Kavees

What food should I give my guinea pigs during fireworks?

To make the fireworks as stress-free as possible for your pigs, you can leave their favorite treats in their safe spot. Food is the language of love, and the small floofs can do with some love to feel secure.

Should I handle my guinea pigs during fireworks?

Some piggies feel comforted when their piggy parents hold them. During fireworks, however, you want your furry friends to be able to hide away. If they get scared while you’re holding them, some pigs could panic and bite. So it’s best to leave the lovely floofers be.

Can guinea pigs get hurt by fireworks?

If you let fireworks off near your pets, they could get hurt. But even if the fireworks aren’t nearby, they can panic and hurt themselves by accident. Keep your furry friends safe during firework season!

Can guinea pigs die from fireworks?

Unfortunately, guinea pigs can die from the stress of firework season. You can help making the loud bangs and bright lights less distressing by creating a safe spot for your pigs.


Us hoomans love seeing stars after a firework display - but our guinea pigs find fireworks stressful. To help your small friends keep their cool, there are lots of tips and tricks to make them feel secure in their home. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? If your pets get upset from the fireworks, your cavy-savvy vet can help you as well.

Keep calm and sparkle on - just not too close to your pets!

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