Meet the Golden Oldies of the Kavee Guinea Pig Rescue!

The Kavee Rescue helps guinea pigs in need. For most floofers, that means arriving at the Rescue, settling in and enjoying a lot of TLC before moving to their furever home. But some piggies have special needs that would make it difficult to find new pig parents for them - so they stay with us!

Many of the Rescue’s long-term residents have extra medical needs, and they’re seen by a cavy-savvy vet regularly. Tara and Ian, the hoomans who look after the floofers every day, take extra care to cater to each piggy’s individual needs. That also means they know their long-term residents really well - and we’d love for you to meet some of them!

Flynn the Floofy

Flynn is a smooth-haired American guinea pig who lives at the Kavee Guinea Pig Rescue.

This is Flynn, a gorgeous male guinea pig, who arrived at the Kavee Rescue in 2021. The little floofer had been found in a garden, sitting under a wire cage top with his brother, completely exposed to the elements.

Although Flynn was very shy to begin with (his floofy face says it all!), he soon settled into the Rescue routine. And, like any good furry potato, he put on a healthy amount of weight and enjoys being a pampered piggy. 

Would you believe the fantastic Flynn is 7 years old? A true golden oldie!

Pippin the Pretty

Pippin has smooth, light brown fur and is a golden oldie at the Kavee Rescue.

Unlike Flynn, Pippin has always had a comfortable cavy life. He was well cared for all throughout his life, so it’s no surprise he settled into the Kavee Rescue straight away. Sadly, Pippin’s piggy pal passed away, so his owners contacted the Rescue. They knew no pig should ever live alone.

And in a lucky turn of events, precious Pippin and floofy Flynn became best friends the moment they met. With Pippin turning 6 this year, the two senior piggizens enjoy a life of plenty - plenty of hay, veggies, and cuddles all around.

Molly the Magnificent and Lilah the Lovely

Molly and Lilah are two smooth-haired guinea pigs who enjoy their life at the Kavee Guinea Pig Rescue.

These two guinea girls landed at a rescue center when their piggy parent sadly passed away. Molly and Lilah had an unpleasant case of ringworm that was treated straight away, so they felt much better. But even though they had a lot of visitors, the cute cavies couldn’t find a furever home - and that’s when they arrived at the Kavee Rescue.

Although lovely Lilah is only 2 years old, her super sweet relationship with 6-year-old Molly made her a permanent resident of the Rescue. Even piggies retire early! Now, the two snuggle bugs make the most of their luxurious lifestyle by having long lie-ins and snack sessions whenever they feel like it.

Toffee the Terrific

Toffee is an elderly guinea pig with multicolored fur, who lives at the Kavee Rescue.

Toffee is the sweetest piggy, who was found wandering the streets as a stray. The poor floofer had a ruptured abscess under her chin (not nice at all!), so she went to see a cavy-savvy vet straight away. At the time, Toffee was only 10 weeks old.

Nowadays, at around 1 year old, she’s a beautiful, fully-grown guinea pig who popcorns with her furry friends. Unfortunately, the abscess continues to cause problems, so Toffee visits the vet regularly. Since she has extra needs, the lovely piggy has found her furever home at the Kavee Rescue, where she’s in the very best hands.

Dandelion the Dapper and Bluebell the Benign

Bluebell and Dandelion are a mother-and-daughter guinea pig duo who live at the Kavee Guinea Pig Rescue.

Dandelion and Bluebell are a delightful mother-and-daughter duo whose cavy carer could no longer care for them. The furry family came to the Rescue as senior piggizens at 5 years old, so Dandelion and Bluebell joined the golden oldies straight away.

The adorable duo have always had a comfortable home, and they’re enjoying snacks, snoozing, and snuggles in their furever home at the Kavee Rescue.

We hope you loved meeting our golden oldies! Every pig at the Kavee Rescue is special to us, and we enjoy watching new floofs settle in. They’re part of the Krew, after all.

About the author

Fine Mayer

Fine is an ardent animal lover and particularly enjoys the company of her three guinea pigs, Tiberius, Ziri, and Henry. With more than 15 years of pigsperience, she knows the ins and outs of guinea pig care. Today, Fine lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her three pigs and three noisy birds.

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