How the Kavee Rescue Changed the Lives of These Piggies | Jude & Ollie

The Kavee Rescue is a safe haven for guinea pigs from all walks of life. There, piggies receive all the TLC they need to prepare for their new furever homes from the hoomans Tara and Ian. However, for some, becoming long-term residents at the rescue is the best option so that their special needs are met and they can gradually get back to happily popcorning and wheeking around the place.

Today, we want to place the spotlight on two piggies at the Kavee Rescue that didn’t have such a lucky start in life. Let’s meet these brave floofers and learn more about how some proper TLC turned their lives around.

The Brave Jude and Ollie

The brave little piggies - Jude and Ollie. These two are brothers and came into the Kavee Rescue for some proper TLC.

The two boys - Jude and Ollie - were brought to the Kavee Rescue by the local RSPCA, which removed them from their original homes due to neglect. These piggies are brothers and even though their exact age is unclear, they seem to be about 2 years old. At the time they arrived at the rescue, they were both severely underweight and, following their neutering surgery in January, had yet to have anyone care for their wounds.

Unfortunately, this neglect meant that they both developed a serious infection, made worse by the piggies’ response to pain which saw them continuously biting at their skin. That’s when the Kavee Rescue took action to relieve these piggies from any pain!

Tara and Ian promptly gave them painkillers and ensured that their wounds were carefully cleaned. Then, the piggies started taking antibiotics to make this infection a thing of the past.

Before and after photo of these guinea pigs' wounds

After that, all it took to get them settled was a full course of fresh veggies and hay that they couldn’t stop wheeking about!

For the next two weeks, Jude and Ollie continued to have their wounds cleaned 3 times a day, taking regular painkillers and antibiotics which almost immediately stopped any of their urges to bite the wounds. This was no easy feat but these little warriors braved through these weeks magnificently and can now be their true popcorning selves!

Ollie, the 2 year old brother who is slowing gaining his weight back and is making great improvements.

Following those weeks, the boys could finally be weaned off their medications. Now, the focus was on monitoring their weight. Jude couldn’t be happier to feast on all the fresh veggies and hay, having no problems putting the weight back on. Ollie, on the other hand, is taking things slowly but is also gaining weight like his brother.

It’s now been a month since Jude and Ollie made their way to the Kavee Rescue and the changes in everything from their personalities to their wellbeing are outstanding. Their wounds have perfectly healed and any remainder of the infection is close to being gone thanks to Tara and Ian’s patient daily wound cleaning. Jude has become a proud chunky floofer and Ollie is on his way to join him as he continues to gradually gain weight!

Jude, the 2 year old brother who has gained enough weight back to become a proper furry potato.

These piggies couldn’t be happier in their new home - they're two real gentlemen and are now very busy looking after a small herd of ladies who can't get enough of them!

To make sure that they continue to thrive and improve their health, they’ll stay at the Kavee Rescue to receive all the TLC they need and also to carry on the important duty of looking after all the older lady piggies.

You can follow Jude and Ollie's journey and the adventures of many other great piggies who made their way to the rescue on Instagram. While if you'd like to support the rescue and find more information about it, check out this page.


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