The durability of Kavee rabbit cages

Regardless of how sweet your charming companion might be, there’s still nothing they’ll love more than to chew and dig. While there are things you can do to stop your masters of mischief from acting out on your furniture, the fate of your rabbit’s indoor cage will be down entirely to its quality.

By opting for a durable rabbit cage from the start, you’ll be able to guarantee the health and safety of your rabbits (and save money in the long run!).

As small pet parents ourselves, we understand the importance of a quality rabbit cage, and when we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we set out to make it ourselves. Read on to discover more about what sets a Kavee cage apart from the rest.

Rabbits with Kavee C&C 4x2 indoor cage for rabbits

Materials Used

The ‘C’s’ in C&C stand for ‘cubes’ and ‘coroplast’, which are the two major components that comprise a Kavee cage. The ‘cubes’ are the modular metal grids that make up a C&C cage’s framework, while the ‘coroplast’ is the sturdy non-slip sheet at the base.

What Makes a C&C Cage Durable and Safe

As we mentioned at the start, there’s a high chance that your bunny will take a nibble at their brand-new cage. To prevent this from causing damage to the cage (or your bunny!), our metal grids use a coating that is non-toxic and doesn’t come off with every chew.

However, if you’re worried that your bunny won’t stop chewing at their cage, you can add the nibble guards that come with every order (but make sure that this behavior isn’t caused by a health issue or stress!). 

The same goes for our coroplast base, which is made sturdy enough to deter any excited nibblers and diggers from making a dent!

Why Choose Coroplast for The Base

Besides adding to the sturdiness of your rabbit cage, a coroplast base is a great choice for the health and hoppiness of your bunny. If we were to add grids to the base too, their poor feet would be in discomfort all day long, and potentially develop sore hocks.

Not only that, coroplast is also the easiest surface to keep clean: one wipe, and all dirt is gone! That’s on top of being waterproof, foldable, and easy to adapt to whichever size of rabbit cage you opt for. 

You may be surprised by just how thin it actually is, but that’s because ts strength and resistance come from its density rather than its thickness. This is usually graded on ‘grammage’ (which, for a C&C cage, is typically around 650mm per square).

We could geek out on the finer details all day, but in a nutshell, coroplast is our preferred material because it’s both lightweight yet sturdy; flexible yet strong. Win-win!

Folding Kavee coroplast base for rabbits

Design and Construction

Everything has been meticulously thought through when it comes to the development of Kavee’s cages. As pet parents ourselves, we know that bringing a new pet home requires some flexibility. 

That’s why we have designed our rabbit cages to be easy to customize. Whether you need to separate your buns during a slow introduction process, or suddenly need to upgrade on space - a long-lasting rabbit cage should adapt to your needs!

Ideally, it also shouldn’t feel like a trap. That’s why our coroplast base is shallow enough to give your nosey buns a view of the outside world (so they can keep an eye on you as much as you like to spy on them!). While the side door allows them to easily hop in and out as they please!

Two rabbits with Kavee C&C 6x2 cage for rabbits

Simplified Assemble

We also don’t want you to waste any time that could be spent cuddling your bunny by setting up their cage. Our interlocking grid structure makes for easy assembly - just listen out for the satisfying ‘snap’ when a grid locks into its connector.

No DIY tools like tape, glue, or scissors are required for this task. Even our Coroplast base comes pre-cut with lock-in slots (no need to worry about sharp edges or a wrong fit!).

But don’t just take our word for it, check out this blog on how to assemble a Kavee cage to see it for yourself.

Woman opening the lid of an assembled Kavee C&C cage for rabbits

Quality Checks and Standards

We want to make things easy for pet parents, and this starts with carrying out thorough checks to ensure that all of our C&C cages are 100% safe. We’ve tested many different materials and designs to work out what is going to enhance the lives of our sweet floofs best - and our C&C cages are the result. 

The vast majority of traditional cage manufacturers fail to meet even the minimum space requirement to guarantee a rabbit’s wellbeing. Often presenting parts that slant inwards and encroach on your rabbit’s precious living space. 

With Kavee cages, we provide transparent measurements that do exactly what they say on the tin! No sneaky space-stealing designs, just all the room your buns could ever need to binky all day long. That’s why our indoor cages come recommended by rescue centers, vets, and customers alike.

Longevity in Practice

“I have been very pleased with all the products I have purchased from Kavee. They are well-made and durable, keeping my pets dry and comfortable. I find it much better and easier to clean them out and keep them happy.”

Our cages come with plenty of glowing feedback from new and returning customers alike, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your Kavee rabbit cage, then we’ve got some handy tips up our sleeve:

  • Keep boredom at bay to prevent mischief - Make sure that your buns have access to plenty of enriching accessories that allow them to safely dig, burrow, chew, and explore outside of their cage. 
  • Try nibble guards for extra protection - If nothing stops your floof from taking a bite, your cage will come with a set of nibble guards to save the day!
  • Provide a large exercise area - it’s the best way to ensure they stay healthy, happy, and lack any interest in developing destructive tendencies.
  • Stick to a cleaning routine - last but not least, a clean cage will not only keep bacteria away from your bunnies, it will also increase the lifespan of your brand new pet palace.

  • Two rabbits on a Kavee fleece liner

    Value for Money

    Now, if you’re anything like us, you’d prefer to do something once and do it right. There’s nothing worse than going through all that research on durable rabbit cages and then end up with a cheap but flimsy product that doesn’t last past one week!

    With Kavee cages, we won’t pretend that we offer the cheapest rabbit cages on the market. But, what we CAN say with certainty is that you’re paying a higher price to guarantee durability, safety, and functionality. Plus, there’s also that thing you can’t put a price on: your rabbit’s long-term health and hoppiness.

    Our honest testimonials speak for themselves:

    “Best thing I have ever bought - not cheap but sturdy and safe and HUGE.”

    “I just want to point out that Kavee is expensive, but holy... Are they worth the money - Yes!”

    “Excellent service. Not cheap but great quality products delivered well packaged and quickly.”

    Rabbits with Kavee C&C 6x2 indoor cage for rabbits


    If you’ve read our story, then you’ll know that Kavee started with a vision to vastly improve the living standards of piggies and bunnies (cue popcorns and binkies!). We’ve adapted and changed in many ways as our business has grown, but our commitment to small pet welfare will always be at the heart of Kavee.

    Our indoor rabbit cages are made from durable materials and designed to last. Although they may be a little pricier than your typical pet shop cage, you’re investing in your pet’s long-term quality of life and will be setting them up for many long and happy years of companionship.

    Have a browse of our dedicated rabbit cage designs and essential accessories for inspiration. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t wait to welcome you into our Kavee family!
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