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With hundreds of designs to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right C&C guinea pig cage.

So, which C&C guinea pig cage size is right for you?

There are four sizes of C&C cages: 3x2, 4x2, 5x2, 6x2. The numbers represent the quantity of C and C grids used to build the C and C cage. For example, a 4x2 C and C cage is a cage made of four grids in length and two grids in width. There also exists double C and C cages, ideal for large groups of guinea pigs.

The below diagram indicates the right size to select, according to the numbers of guinea pigs you keep.

guide to C&C cages size cc cage c and c cage kavee usas
C&C Cage Size Dimensions Number of guinea pigs
3x2 42x28'' 1


A 3x2 C&C cage is a right fit for a single guinea pig temporarily kept on his own.

A 4x2 C&C cage is perfect for two guinea pigs.

A 5x2 C&C cage is a comfortable home for three guinea pigs.

And finally, our most massive guinea pig cages, the 6x2 C and C cages are big enough to house four guinea pigs.

Please note that while a loft adds extra space to the C&C cage (which is a bonus to your guinea pigs), it does not replace floor area at ground level. Therefore a 4x2 C&C cage with loft & ramp should be considered of the same size than a 4x2 C and C cage without ramp & loft.

One exciting aspect of C&C cages is the fact that they are modular. You can quickly increase, decrease the size of your C&C cage, or even split the grids into two cages when the need arises. Also, C&C cages can be a convenient way to separate temporarily guinea pigs that are fighting. Additionally, C and C cages are handy when it comes to isolating pregnant or convalescent guinea pigs from the group briefly.

Find out what supplies are safe for your piggy cage!

Please always remember that guinea pigs should always have companions and should be kept in groups of a minimum of two, as they can get lonely and depressed if on their own.


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