Top 5 C&C Cages to Quarantine Guinea Pigs

We totally get it - finding the right cage for your precious pigs isn’t easy. Pet shops advertise traditional cages (that are much too small!) while the online community shows off DIY masterpieces that require a team of professionals just to set it up, let alone decorate it. So how can you find the right cage for you, without compromising its quality or sacrificing hours of snuggle time with your pets?

Find out what a C&C cage for guinea pigs is, our top tips for choosing the right C and C cage for your furry friends and deciding where to buy C&C cages, and also getting inspired for your favorite cc cages for guinea pigs!

Thinking of getting a C&C cage as a Christmas present for your pigs? What a great idea!

What is a C&C cage for Guinea Pigs?

C&C cages are handy, spacious homes for piggies, made from cubes and coroplast - and that’s where the name comes from. The C&C cage designs for guinea pigs have been around for over 40 years, and got very popular with guinea pig and rabbit owners recently. So popular, actually, that small animal experts and vets recommend these cages as the best option for small animals.

The grid panels, or cubes, in Kavee cages are made from powder-coated steel, so they’re pet-proof even if a cheeky cavy chews the bars. These grids link together with connectors to form the base, walls, and lid of the piggy palace. Coroplast sheets for a C&C cage, or corrugated plastic, make up the base of the cage and are easy to put together and clean.

The numbers in the cage’s name show how many grids are used for the cage’s exterior. For example, if you get a 2x4 C and C cage, the cage will be made using 2 grids in width and 4 grids in length. If you choose a cage with a lid or stand, you’ll then add extra grids for those parts. Simple, right?

The space and flexibility of a C&C cage setup is why so many small pet lovers across the world use these cages to help their cute companions live better lives!

What are the benefits of C and C cages for guinea pigs?

Unlike small pet shop cages, C and C cages for guinea pigs give your precious pets the room to be who they really are - popcorning, zooming, and cozy nap times included. Let’s find out why a C & C cage is the right choice for you and your furry friends!

1. C&C cages have the room to zoom

Did you know guinea pigs only sleep around 4 to 6 hours per day? That leaves a lot of time for them to zoom around their home, and that’s where the CC cages for guinea pigs come in!

A C & C cage offers your furry friends the room they need to be healthy and happy pets - and that’s exactly why piggy parents across the world love them. Pet parents have found that their pets are more active and happier in spacious habitats. 

The C and C cages for guinea pigs come in a variety of sizes, from 3x2 to 6x2, to suit your needs, and your pigs’ as well! And with each of our grids being 13.7 in (approximately 35 cm), the largest cage with 6x2 is over 6 ft. 74 (2 m) long - speaking of room to zoom, right?

Even Kavee’s smaller cages, like the 4x2 cage recommended for 2 female pigs, are so much larger than conventional cages. The CC cages for guinea pigs come with at least 8 sq. ft. of living area, so they’re double the size of the cages you can still buy in pet shops. You can see where we’re going with this: only the best is good enough for your precious pets, so choosing the right habitat for them makes all the difference.

And the benefits don’t end there: you can choose a cage that suits your home, with a variety of sizes and options, like a stand, loft, and lid. As pet parents, we know that our furry friends need the room to stay happy and healthy, so we always recommend opting for the largest cage that fits your home.

Please note that the 3x2 CC cage for guinea pigs is recommended as a temporary solution for a single pig only, for example during quarantine, because it’s not big enough for a pair of pigs. And guinea pigs are social creatures, so all our furry friends should live in pairs or herds.

2. The experts recommend C&C cages

Small animal experts across the globe recommend these cages for our pets, from vets to experienced rescuers and rehomers. Saskia from LA Guinea Pig Rescue suggests that a Kavee cage set up is ‘GREAT’ for piggies because it gives them the space to exercise and stay healthy. The extra space encourages your furry friends to be more active, and also provides them with more to explore, keeping them busy. C and C cages for guinea pigs are great for a healthy pet body and mind.

Many traditional cages consist of plastic base parts that slant inwards, cutting down on your pigs’ much needed living space. It can be so difficult to figure out the real room available to your pets in those cages. With C&C cages, what you see is what you get - a spacious area for your energetic fur babies. No wonder vets and guinea pig experts recommend them!

What is a c&c cage for guinea pigs? It's a piggy palace with plenty of room.

3. C&C cages are super customizable to suit your needs

CC cages for guinea pigs have lots of benefits for the piggy parents. They’re the building blocks of the small pet world, so you can change up the layout by moving, adding, or removing grid panels. You can make your cavies’ habitat bigger, create compartments, add a stand and lid or even change the shape to fit your space - the ceiling’s the limit! You can even build a playpen that attaches to the cage. In short, you can adapt the cage to fit into your home and your pets’ lives. And the best part? No DIY skills required!

And it doesn’t end there! With CC cages for guinea pigs, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to your pet palace’s interior design. From fleece liners in adorable prints over fleece accessory collections to wooden cavy castles, you can mix and match until the cage becomes the centerpiece of the room. A cage to reflect your pets’ personalities as well as your own - what could be more beautiful? Say no to the boring cages of the olden days with a gorgeous C & C cage!

And for more info on safe supplies for your floofs, take a look at this blog!

4. C&C cages make cage cleaning day oh so easy!

Cleaning C&C cages is so much easier than traditional pet shop cages. With the open top, pet parents can reach all corners of the cage comfortably. And the base of a C&C cage is made from coroplast, a solid sheet that’s quick to wipe down. Add a cage stand to the mix, and you don’t even have to worry about crouching down during cage cleans anymore.

an illustration of kavee c and c laundry cleaner a sponge daisy pee pad

Nothing stands between you and a wheek-y clean cage now!

5. Easy to assemble without DIY

Setting up and adjusting your C&C cage layout is a child’s play - no DIY expertise or tools required. The cages come with a cut-to-size coroplast base and grids and connectors that fit together neatly - so no need to worry about complicated or lengthy instructions. Try our brilliant video guides for great tips and tricks to put your CC cage for guinea pigs together even quicker!

 an illustration of kavee c and c cage grid connector and coroplast sheet in lilac

And once the cage is set up in record time, you can finally relax with your small companions.

What size is right for my guinea pig CC cage?

At Kavee, we’ve got a range of C&C cage sizes and models because every pig is unique, and herds come in all shapes and sizes. As experienced piggy parents, we know that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to our furry friends.

Each of our four C&C cage sizes is recommended for a specific piggy herd dynamic, with lots of add-ons to customize your cage - from stands and lofts to double-decker cages and lids. Let’s find the right one for your cavy crew!

3X2 CC Cage for Guinea Pigs

The 3x2 CC cage for guinea pigs is our smallest cage, and it’s only suitable for one guinea pig. And as any experienced cavy carer would tell you, no guinea pig should ever live alone. So why do we have this size of cage? Simple answer: as a temporary solution. Sometimes, guinea pigs need a quiet space to recover from illness or during pregnancy. Or there’s a new member in your herd, and you need to quarantine the addition before they join their new furry family. The 3x2 CC cage is a great temporary solution for your guinea pigs, and it’s easy to take apart and store or simply add onto your larger C and C cage.

2x4 C and C Cage for Guinea Pigs

The 2x4 C and C cage is the ideal C&C cage size for two female pigs, or sows. There’s plenty of room to go about their piggy business for two friendly females. Don’t forget to add in plush fleece bedding, hideys, and a hay bag with plenty of tasty hay. Out of all C&C cage sizes, this one is the most popular - and a great starter kit!

5X2 CC Cage for Guinea Pigs

This 5x2 CC cage for guinea pigs is ideal for two male guinea pigs, or boars. Why do they need more space than female pigs, you ask? Boars have a flair for the dramatic, so they’re more likely to need some time apart in different corners of the cage.

This cage is also one of the ideal C&C cage sizes for a small herd of three female guinea pigs.

6X2 CC Cage for Guinea Pigs

The 6x2 C and C cage for guinea pigs is our largest cage, and the perfect piggy paradise for four sows or three boars. It’s also one of our favorite C&C cage sizes for smaller herds who like some extra room to zoom!

For all C and C cages for guinea pigs, we think the bigger, the better. Our C&C cage sizes recommendations are based on the minimum space we know guinea pigs need to be hoppy. So if your home allows for a larger cage, your pigs will love the upgrade.

What are the most common CC cage configurations?

Guinea pigs may be small, but they have huge personalities - as we’re sure you’ve already noticed. That’s why we’ve not only got different C&C cage sizes at the ready for you, but also lots of CC cage configurations. As piggy herd dynamics change, cavy carers praise the flexibility of these cages. Whether they need to split a cage with a divider to stop their pigs from fighting, or they want to add a loft for more enrichment, the C and C cage for guinea pigs is easy to adapt to your pets’ needs.

There are many situations and piggy problems that require a quick change of the CC cage configuration, like piggies who are in a huff with each other or introducing a new addition to your herd. If you have separate herds but want to save space in your home, you’ll find the two-tier cages are a great option. For bickering piggies, the L-shape cages are brilliant because you can add in or take out the divider. And for the easiest access to your pigs and a neat way to store your pig-quipment, adding a stand makes a huge difference.

The right CC cage configuration depends entirely on you and your pigs, but don’t worry, you don’t have to decide straight away. That’s the beauty of C & C cages - you can add to them and adapt them at any point. Let’s have a look at the best cage layout for different situations!

Best CC cage for introducing guinea pigs

When introducing a new guinea pig a 6x2 c and c cage with a divider is an ideal cage to help bond your two guinea pigs. The cage is made up of two 3x2 cages merged in the middle. The divider allows you to separate your guinea pig easily and quickly, but doesn't leave your guinea pig lonely!

Wondering where to buy C&C cages? Kavee is the best for your pets!

When your piggies have been successfully introduced to one another, the divider can be removed to create a full sized 6x2 C&C cage.

Best CC cage for fighting guinea pigs

Because guinea pigs usually live in herds, there is a natural hierarchy between individuals. If you are a first-time piggie parent, you may find it alarming to see your guinea pigs break out into a fight. Don’t panic: the occasional disagreement is actually normal! Your guinea pigs are simply displaying dominant behavior and trying to figure out who's in charge!

However, in some instances, fights become more than a display of dominance and could result in injury if left to escalate. If a fight results in injury, or becomes too frequent, you will need to consider separating your guinea pigs.

l shape 8x2 kavee c and c black grid cage with cow print liners and accessories

That’s where Kavee’s L-Shape 8x2 C&C Cage with Divider offers the perfect solution to separate fighting guinea pigs. It is made of two 4x2 cages arranged in an L-shape. The divider allows your guinea pigs to see and smell each other but will not allow them to cause any harm.

Best CC cage for large Guinea Pigs Herds

As we all know, guinea pigs are social creatures and are usually found living in herds. In recent years, the number of people owning more than two guinea pigs has steadily grown. Guinea pigs are relatively easy to keep together, but sometimes they can pose difficulties when owning more than two.

It is essential when keeping guinea pigs to ensure the cage is large enough to allow them to live comfortably. It is a well-known fact that many pet store cages are not suitable for guinea pigs. The size of a guinea pig's cage is detrimental to their health and wellbeing and having a large cage makes all the difference to the quality of their lives. Nevertheless, having the space to accommodate guinea pigs presents its own unique set of challenges.

This double decker 2x4 c and c cage is perfect for larger guinea pig herds.

For a herd of guinea pigs, our impressive double 5x2 c and c cage is a guinea pig palace! The cage is suitable to house up to six guinea pigs solving your space dilemma. The cage allows three guinea pigs on each level. 

If you have more than six guinea pigs and are unsure of the recommended cage size check out our blog on how big a guinea pig cage should be.

Best CC cage for pregnant or nursing guinea pig

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time for female piggies, so you can make things easier by providing them with a safe and comfortable home. Keep a close eye on your sow to make sure she’s happy and healthy.

Since stress should be minimized throughout pregnancy, any changes in the cage or environment should be implemented as early as possible during the pregnancy, when the sow is less stressed. Multi-housing and lofts in c and c cages should be avoided since sows' balance will be affected during pregnancy, and later in pregnancy, a pregnant sow may not be able to climb higher levels.

Guinea pigs are sociable animals, so sows should be kept with their companions even when pregnant. However, do not hesitate to separate sows during pregnancy if they do not get along. You may notice tension brewing between your two sows as a flood of pregnancy hormones kick in. Separating them before giving birth is the best option.

This 2x4 c and c cage is perfect for pregnant guinea pigs.

Our Two Tier 4x2 cage with stand and storage allows you to separate your guinea pigs if needed, to reduce stress and tension within the relationship. 

Separating your guinea pigs will allow you to monitor your sow's eating and drinking habits as signs can be easily missed. Males should be removed well before birth happens to avoid back-to-back pregnancies.

How much does a CC cage for Guinea Pigs cost?

When it comes to CC cage cost, it all depends on your chosen setup. Although you can get C and C cage grids cheaply, they’re often not safe for your precious pets. The size of the grids, the bar spacing, the coat on the grids, and the stability of the cage vary greatly, so watch out for

  • small grids
  • large bar spacing
  • poisonous paint
  • an unstable setup

which put your precious pigs at risk. That’s why it’s important you choose the right cage size, layout, and also the right quality.

At Kavee, each C & C cage has been designed, tested, tested again, and then… gone through another round of tests. We only choose the best for your pets - that’s the Kavee quality.

For a CC cage for guinea pigs that lasts their lifetime, you can take your pick of our cage variants. A 2x4 C and C cage, for example, can cost as little as $95. If you’re after a 2x4 C&C cage with loft, it’s around $136 to $152, depending on the type of grids you choose. These cages are the perfect starter kit for piggy parents with two female pigs.

If you’ve got a trio of sows or two boars, try the 5x2 C&C cage. The prices start at $100 for the full setup. If you want to add a stand to be even closer to your pets and also have some extra storage for your pig-quipment, you’re looking at a price of $200 to $224.

The options are endless, and there’s the right cage for every situation - like our double-decker cages (starting at $168) and L-shape cages, made up of two 2x4 C and C cages with a divider (from $163) - so your pets can live their best lives.

Different C&C cage sizes have different prices.

Which one are you choosing?

5 fascinating facts about CC cages for guinea pigs

C & C cages are popular with piggy parents everywhere, and each day, new small pet owners discover the magic these brilliant habitats bring to their homes. Let us help you make up your mind with these fascinating fun facts about CC cages for guinea pigs!

1. Simple C&C cages don’t need any grids at the bottom

Are you surprised to hear that most C and C cages for guinea pigs don’t come with grids at the bottom? Wouldn’t the bottom grids add extra stability to your cavy castle? Actually, no!

Your C & C cage comes with a cut-to-size coroplast base - a stable and easy-to-clean cage bottom. When it’s on a flat surface, like your living room floor, the sturdy base is perfectly flat. If you added grids at the bottom of the cage, you’d face two piggy problems:  the coroplast won’t fit as neatly as it would without the grids, and the surface can be a little uneven. So, both for your ease of assembly and your piggies’ comfort, there’s no need to add grids to the bottom of the cage.

Coroplast is important when building a 2x4 c&c cage with loft.

The only exception to the rule are cages with a stand. Since the coroplast isn’t lying flat on a surface for those, there’s a bottom layer of grids just under your piggies’ bottoms (and the coroplast base).

Both a cage with and without a stand keep your pigs safe and clean, and protect your home from piggy mess. The choice is yours!

2. Choose your CC cage carefully for baby guinea pigs

Baby guinea pigs are so cute! Did you know that a piggy can survive on their own just a week of their birth? Unbeleafable! Of course, they should stay with their piggy mum for as long as possible - 3 weeks for baby boars and 8 weeks for little sows. So where do you keep those adorable guinea piglets while they’re getting ready to meet the world - a C and C cage for guinea pigs? Tread carefully!

Because C & C cages come with mesh panels, there’s a risk that the small furries could get stuck in the holes. Different C and C cages for guinea pigs come with different sizes of meshing, and this is something you should check carefully when you decide where to buy C&C cages. The 8x8 and 9x9 square grids are just too big for baby pigs and smaller guinea pigs - the risk of them getting stuck is high.

Make sure your 2x4 c&c cage with loft has the right bar spacing for your pigs.

Kavee cages have rectangular, thin meshing with small holes that’s suitable for piggies over the age of 8 weeks. The so-called baby bars keep your precious pigs safe and sound, while they explore their home.

Bar spacing is important, even more so for baby guinea pigs. Pictured are different C&C grids, ranked from unsafe to safe.

On that note, please make sure to watch your pets carefully when they move into their cage. Each pig is unique, and sometimes they have a unique flair for mischief. Better safe than sorry, right?!

3. Coroplast is surprisingly thin, yet super sturdy

The quality of coroplast, or corrugated plastic, doesn’t come from its thickness, but rather something called the grammage. The grammage is the coroplast’s density, and it shows how sturdy the coroplast is. The ideal grammage is around 650 mm per square, so the base is lightweight and strong, yet flexible. Make sure to check the grammage when you’re choosing where to buy C&C cages.

Kavee’s coroplast sheets are cut to your cage’s size with lock-in slots, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or a poor fit. We’ve also made sure that the coroplast sides are low enough for piggies to see the world around them.

Wondering where to buy c&c cages? Make sure the cage quality is good, including the right grammage for the coroplast.

Coroplast is great as a base for your cage because it’s strong and sturdy, but also foldable and flexible. Plus, it’s waterproof and so easy to wipe down and clean - simply pawfect for your cage!

4. Kavee’s C&C cages don’t harm your pigs, even if they go for a nibble

Guinea pigs explore the world with their mouths, so they like to nibble new additions to their home. If your pigs take a bite out of their brand-new Kavee cage, don’t panic! All of our products are carefully made to benefit your furry friends, not harm them. So our coroplast is not poisonous to your adorable floofs, even if they go for a nibble. Same goes for the coating on our grids.

If you notice your pigs have taken a rather big bite out of their cage, it’s best to watch them carefully, in case there’s a blockage in their digestive tract. They’re probably totally fine - but better to be safe.

For particularly cheeky cavies, you can add nibble guards to the edges of the coroplast. These hard plastic guards stop the little mischiefs from chewing the coroplast. If the piggies then move to the grids, you can swap out some grids for clear panels. They not only stop the cheeky cavies from chewing, they also allow your pets to see and be seen. Sounds fun, right?

If the chewing persists, it’s time for a vet visit. Many pigs chew on their cage if they’re bored, stressed, or even in pain. So if your pigs’ behavior doesn’t change after you add enrichment to their cage, there could be an underlying cause.

What is a c&c cage for guinea pigs? A large cage that keeps them happy and healthy.

Double-check every part of your piggy palace is pet-safe when you’re deciding where to buy C&C cages.

5. C&C cages with stands are a guinea game changer

C & C cages are great for your furry friends - and things get even better with a stand! By adding a few grids to the bottom of your C and C cage for guinea pigs, you’re making life easier for your pigs and yourself. Wondering how? Let us tell you!

First and foremost, the C&C cage stand brings your pigs so much closer to you. Instead of bending over your furry friends to scoop them up (which, from a piggy perspective, is pretty scary!), you can reach for them where they can see you. If you set your cage up next to a sofa or armchair, your pigs are at eye level with you - a perfect situation for bonding time and building that all-important trust. The higher standing ground can also boost your piggies’ confidence, so they’ll be just as excited about quality time with you.

Plus you can store all your pig-quipment under the cage, from toys and treats to cage cleaning supplies. Did you know our stylish storage boxes are a pawfect fit?

Finally, cleaning your cage becomes even easier with a stand. Gone are the days of bending over the piggy palace on the ground while giving it a good scrub. If you’ve ever had a sore back after a cage clean, the stand is a must. And even if not, you’ll find that the stand cuts down on cleaning time and effort, with the cage corners now in such easy reach. And that means extra snuggle sessions with your floofs!

Are you joining the C and C cage stand fan club?!


At Kavee, we know that C&C cages are the right choice for guinea pigs. They offer the space, ventilation, cleanliness, and flexibility pigs and their parents need. You can customize and adjust them to match your home and lifestyle, and also to fit an ever-growing piggy herd - because who’s ever stopped at two?!

If you choose a C&C guinea pig cage of the right size and made from the best materials, you’ll show your pigs just how much you fluff them!

illustration of a C&C Kavee cage in front of a sunny window.

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